Evil Facebook Statuses

In this day and age, evil is not necessarily such a bad thing, at least when approached in a light-hearted fashion in evil Facebook statuses. On the other hand, condemning bad things, via Facebook statuses about evil, is also a good way to snag attention from friends and family. You are free to choose the style of evil Facebook statuses that best suit your individual needs.

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Evil Facebook Statuses
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Dare's you to right click your mouse and whatever your last 'copy' was.. Paste it below!
If I kill a stupid person, couldn't that be considered,"paying my debt to society"?!
i have the evil mind, the sadistic humor, the brainless minions, and Even the guiltless conscience to to it! the only problem is i forgot what i was gonna do...
I know I'm crazy, because the voices got scared one day while I was mad and hid somewhere in my mind. I feel sorry for the ones I've found. :3
"Go to Hell" "uhh I cant moron, The devil still has that restraining order on me" XD
says Remember, I can be the best friend you ever had or your worst Nightmare!
is not here right now, because the evil monkey people came, took their away, forced their to tell them their password, and hi-jacked their profile. :O
Everyone run for their lives!
You've been talking for an hour now and all I've heard is "Blah blah blah".Oh and the voices saying "KILL IT!KILL IT!IT WON'T SHUT UP!"
I no u hate me, lash out, uses Ur anger
Evil Facebook Statuses
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I may be smiling on the outside but on the inside i feel pain for all of you coz I'm evil Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
invites you to join the dark side. We have cookies, the music is much better, and we get to sleep in on Sundays.
What? I do too have a halo! Where is it? Errrrr...Ummm... It's just out being polished. YEAH! We'll go with that one!
[X] 2 Plastic Gloves
Everyone keeps calling me mean, evil, etc. Do you seriously think that's an insult to me?
when ever i walk in to the same room as the devil they starts running and yelling " oh shit they came to take my place. HELP! ME! PLEASE!"
Don't touch I'm insane and will bite
Says when I was born God said "ha ha competition for the devil."


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