In this day and age, evil is not necessarily such a bad thing, at least when approached in a light-hearted fashion in evil Facebook statuses. On the other hand, condemning bad things, via Facebook statuses about evil, is also a good way to snag attention from friends and family. You are free to choose the style of evil Facebook statuses that best suit your individual needs.

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Evil Facebook Statuses
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people better watch out when i smile. It means I'm thinking evil thoughts.
Stewie Griffin and the devil get in to a fight Stewie pull out a nuke and nuke the f**king nuke the pick
Says: The day I was born Yoda said "In the force a great disturbance I sense"
Oh my gosh, u hate me be/c i tell it like it is?! Well then...cry me a a bridge over it, and then JUMP OFF!!
says "When I was born the devil said Oh shit! Competition!"
theres dark meat, white meat, and the other white meat, theres also good, evil, and the other kind of evil, im the other kind of evil
Woke up 2 The Devil this morning, then when they realised that my eyes were open, they ran out through the door screaming, "Don't hurt me! I'm 2 young 2 die!"
Have you ever met the pavement up close? I can introduce you face-to-face real quick!
Finding someone who wants you, And then scaring the hell out of them because you're evil like that, And they still want you and accept you, now that's love! :)
Do not interrupt me when I'm concocting evil schemes or i will bite you.
Evil Facebook Statuses
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To Dispose of a dead alcoholics ashes after cremation. Donate to a cat lover 2 use in litter tray so they can get pissed n shitfaced every day :)
you laugh now, but will you be laughing when I crawl out from under your bed!
has gotten a headache cuz the Evil Fairies and Pixies are having a game of soccer in their head
You say that I'm evil? Na, I'm not evil. I'm just really gifted at what I do! >:D
is gonna slit your throat open and use your blood as syrup on my pancakes then tell every one its strawberry flavored
I don't particularly enjoy your presence. Go away before I find a weapon. I am currently in the process of looking so you don't have much time left.
Puh-leas I dont Praise the Devil no its worse the Devil Praises me..
you should shut the fuck up before my hands stop your airway to make you shut the fuck up..*sighs* yes sweet silence and your face is in shock just what i needed

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