In this day and age, evil is not necessarily such a bad thing, at least when approached in a light-hearted fashion in evil Facebook statuses. On the other hand, condemning bad things, via Facebook statuses about evil, is also a good way to snag attention from friends and family. You are free to choose the style of evil Facebook statuses that best suit your individual needs.

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Evil Facebook Statuses
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Have you ever met the pavement up close? I can introduce you face-to-face real quick!
wanna know why I hate Twilight? FINE! In real life, men who sparkle, are just not that into girls.
is thinking.. Which one do I pick? The Red one with horns and a pitchfork OR the one with the pretty white wings?..I think I will go with the Red one :D
I'm not evil! I'm just blessed with the ability to look it! XD
I have decided to become EVIL! do you think i can pull it off?
Smile as if you have an evil plan, even when you don't.
It's not that I CAN'T be good... I just don't WANT to. I don't benefit from this "good" idea...
When you see my head tilt to the side and I start to stare into space. I would run. The voices inside my head just gave me a brilliant idea. Be very afraid!
has a plastic sword and is NOT afraid to use it! FEAR ME!
wondering when people will finally figure out just how bad my anger problems are?
Evil Facebook Statuses
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With enough caffeine i could take over the world
the little angel on my shoulder quit it decided it can't keep up with the little devil on the other.
"When it comes to choosing between two evils, I choose the one I haven't done before." Mae West
When I get pissed, the devil runs like a little bitch.
When i was baptised, the holy water i was placed into started to boil.
thinks duck tape was invented to shut you up
You've been talking for an hour now and all I've heard is "Blah blah blah".Oh and the voices saying "KILL IT!KILL IT!IT WON'T SHUT UP!"
I no u hate me, lash out, uses Ur anger

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