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To be fair, drugs are quite a controversial topic, so you should be careful about posting Facebook statuses about drugs. On the other hand, drugs Facebook statuses will generally get some kind of reaction on social networking sites. This could be either positive or negative, depending on the views of your friends and family when they read drugs Facebook statuses in their Timeline.

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says If the ocean was weed & i was a duck Id swim 2 the bottom & smoke my way up but the ocean aint weed & I aint a duck so pass me the bong & shut the fuck up!
i think u should be able 2 get weed on farm-ville, sell it to mafia wars, trade it for crack then all get high on yo-ville!
Two ants on a woman's arse which on is the junkie??
Stoners live stoners die Fuck the world lets get high and to all u ppl who think ur cool Fuck u bitches Stoners rule!!
I walked into the bank and put a bag of weed on the desk. The clerk says, "What r u doing?" I said,"I want to open a joint account"
Party hard Rock and Roll Drink a Keg Smoke a Bowl To all the Preppies who think their cool Think Again cuz STONERS RULE!!
drug dealers are using automated phone services now, i just rang one up and this voice said "if you want to buy marijuana press the hash key"
pass it down the line
My blood type is THC+
doesnt do cocaine i just like the smell of it!
Marijuana is horrible and wrong yet its totally ok to bomb the shit out of a country
A B C D , L S D..Gummybears are chasing me. first ones red. second ones blue. the last ones yelling "ill kill you!" .a b c d, L S D.Gummybears are chasing me
"PHARMACY NOTIFICATION". ...... as of January 2009 viagra will only be available under its chemical name. Please ask your pharmacist for MYCOXAFLOPIN
:Its official. I'm middle- aged. I don't need drugs anymore. I can get the same effect just by standing up real fast!!
Think Again cuz STONERS RULE!!
My momma always told me "If it's green it's good" :D
pains gone thanks to some strong pain killers, but now i have to help Tin Man get a heart & Scare Crow a brain oh look a Lion..


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