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Facebook Statuses About Drugs
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ring around the pot tree, pocket full of Ecstasy, ashes ashes, we all get high.
Thinks if you were riding your donkey nd someone threw a rock at you and u fell off, would you be considered stoned off your ass?
Wants To Give You A Quick Word Of Advice.!! Never Try Sniffing Coke Cuz The Ice-Cubes Will Get Stuck Up Your Nose.!!*
Two ants on a woman's ass which on is the junkie??
Thinks its funny when low life's beg for shit but don't do anything to improve their own lives and think people owe them.
u gotta get fucked up
babysit the blunt...i dont wanna hurt'chall---puff puff pass baby--who's
Oh No Partner! You found weed growing on your farm! Would you like to share with your friends?
To all the Preppies who think their cool
Rol Rol Rol ya joint twist it at the end, spark it up and tek puf pass it 2 ya frend wen ya frends ad a go pas it 2 u mum wen ya mums ad a go ya beta fkin run
Facebook Statuses About Drugs
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says "In the 60s, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal."
says you know you're smashed when you have to shut one eye, squint with the other, and then stick out your tongue to get everything into focus!! ;D
hey what level in farmville do I get to grow "medical" marijuana
Tonight Mathew...I'm going to be..."OFF MY FACE"...
Remembers a time when "coke" was something we drank, and "ice" was something we put in it!
...they just don't make a Prozac big enough for some days...
Hol up u kno im hi den a bitch cuz. Give much luv ta my cali bud. The best green I seen, and I admit it Im addicted. show no sign a quitin at all I stay lifted!
So u gotta live life wasted

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