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More or less everyone loves a drink once in a while, and drinking to excess certainly leads to some hilarious situations, which can be exploited for drinking Facebook statuses. Funny Facebook statuses about drinking are generally quite effective in getting the activity notifications moving, so you should be quite bold about posting drinking Facebook statuses when you get the chance.

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fuck it i cant wait til Friday I'm going on the piss tonight.
thinks are only two absolutes in life: friends and vodka. And the best times usually involve both
Went to their first AA meeting last night "Alcohol Allnight" I did very well according to the hangover I have. Tee Hee!
if the sea was vodka & I was a duck I'd start frm the bottom & drink my way up. But the sea ain't vodka & I aint a duck so pass me the bottle lets drink it up
It's not where you are, it's who you are with that makes drunken nights out fun
even BIGGER Hello TO MR Drink :)
"bring me two pina-colodas, i want one for each hand..lets set sail with captain morgan,and never leave dry land.troubles i forget em buried em in the sand"
doesn't like to drink alone. So I got on Facebook and had a beer. So now I'm drinking with my friends right??
I've never been to Texas but I've been in some states lol
...is it "beer-thirty" yet???
i wanna get drunk, i wanna get dirty, i wanna have fun, i wanna feel flirty
Shh, hear that? It's a margarita calling my name! Now, several of its buddies are joining in!
sober means son of a bitch everything is real
says most girls are made of sugar and spice but my girls are made of vodka and ice
says, some call it binge drinking, but here we like to call it "recreationally getting fucked up!"
A Friend will pick you up from the floor if your drunk, BUT.. A Best friend will clear a path through the crowd yelling "they's drunk MOVE!"
Alcohol contains male hormones. It makes you stupid and irresponsible


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