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More or less everyone loves a drink once in a while, and drinking to excess certainly leads to some hilarious situations, which can be exploited for drinking Facebook statuses. Funny Facebook statuses about drinking are generally quite effective in getting the activity notifications moving, so you should be quite bold about posting drinking Facebook statuses when you get the chance.

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My doctor said I need to watch my drinking, so now I have to drink in front of the mirror
If you're celebrating at a New Year's Eve party, try not to get carried away. In fact, try to leave without any help at all.
Has been told they have ADHD. its true I have Alcohol Drink and Hangover Disease
Your guide for this weekends cruise will be Captain Morgan, accompanied by their first friends Jack Daniels and Jim Bean, along with the good doctor Jose Cuervo.
here's to a night we wont forget.. or maybe wont remember!
whats on my mind? hmmm naked chicks, beer, naked chicks drinking beer, drinking beer with naked chicks drinking beer...
if at first you don't succeed, grab a margarita and remember...it's 5 o'clock somewhere!
I'm not even planning on drinking that much tonight.. but I'm writing "emergency contact number" and your number on my hand just in case
mm to drink or not to drink, hahaha like that's even a question :P
is searching for my lost shaker of salt
anyone got a bottle yes! a glass bottle now! i smash over head to become sober.:)
" Have u been drinking tonight?" NO! " Step out of the car plz" I Can't, u get in
Drinking iced tea is the best during these hot summer days!
is trying to figure out what to do with a roll of duct tape a roll of bubble wrap and a bottle of tequila..details will follow!
May you never lie, steal, or drink.


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