Drinking Facebook Statuses

More or less everyone loves a drink once in a while, and drinking to excess certainly leads to some hilarious situations, which can be exploited for drinking Facebook statuses. Funny Facebook statuses about drinking are generally quite effective in getting the activity notifications moving, so you should be quite bold about posting drinking Facebook statuses when you get the chance.

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Drinking Facebook Statuses
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so drunk,i swerved to miss a tree and realized it was my air freshener
will be goin out 2nite and would like to apologise in advance for any txts, calls and/or facebookings. i will NOT be held responsible lol, i blame the booze ! !
I don't have any tequila, but there's no reason u can't still lick, suck and swallow
Alcohol doesn't cause hangovers waking up does
Drink what you can, drink what you're able, drink with me you'll be under the table
now everybody put your drinks in the air, and down the mother fucker like you just don't care!
The only men u can ever count on Jim,Jack,Johnny and Jose...Oh and of course The Captain lol
forecast for the weekend... mild alcoholism, with a 70% chance of poor decisions and impaired judgment. Increasing chance of regret and hangover for Sunday
Drinking without smoking is like shitting without peeing
says the best way to avoid a hangover is to keep fucking drinking!!!
Drinking Facebook Statuses
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How is it that you can sue Walmart if you fall, McDonald's if you get fat, but not Budweiser for all the ugly ppl you fucked?
is also available in spangled, nutted, wanker-ed, spanner-ed, mullered, out of it, trolley-ed, trashed and limited edition sober
Tip to handle this heat (from the weatherman) "Avoid caffeine and alcohol." Great, NOW what am I suppose to drink?
this is a message 4 all those who DON'T DRINK OR SMOKE!
thinks my body is in for a much-needed drinking session
" Have u been drinking tonight?" NO! " Step out of the car plz" I Can't, u get in
is searching for my lost shaker of salt
whats on my mind? hmmm naked chicks, beer, naked chicks drinking beer, drinking beer with naked chicks drinking beer...


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