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Drinking Facebook Statuses
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Says they's not an alcoholic I'm a beer consumer and right now theirs too much blood in my alcohol system.
says, "You know you're too drunk to drive when you swerve to miss a tree, and then realize it was just your air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror."
Ol the bist for 9002
thinks my body is in for a much-needed drinking session
I drink so I can Tolerate others.
if vodka was water and i was a duck, id swim to the bottom and never come up. but vodka ain't water and I'm not a duck so slide me a bottle and shut the fuck up
OK.if a cop pulls you and says:"Your eyes look red. Have you been drinking?" Do NOT reply with:"Your eyes look glazed. Have you been eating doughnuts?"
wishes I was laying on a beach with a pina colada right about now.
Gotta love drunk people, free entertainment =]
How much alcohol do you have to drink to get a mosquito drunk??
Drinking Facebook Statuses
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"It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now" sounds a little better than, it's 1:15, I'm trashed and I need a booty call.
The only men u can ever count on Jim,Jack,Johnny and Jose...Oh and of course The Captain lol
is "To drink, or not to drink...what a stupid question!"
I got so drunk last night I brought the snowman in from the garden to keep warm.
Life's too short to be a wastin
s got this little voice in their head saying " go on it's Friday... go out and get drunk you know you want to."
Tonight is brought to you by cocktails, friends, & gettin' jiggy with it... it may include drunk texting, offensive language; nudity & inappropriate touching ..
has realized that it's not the alcohol that causes my hangovers it's the sleep... I felt great last night!!!

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