Drinking Facebook Statuses

More or less everyone loves a drink once in a while, and drinking to excess certainly leads to some hilarious situations, which can be exploited for drinking Facebook statuses. Funny Facebook statuses about drinking are generally quite effective in getting the activity notifications moving, so you should be quite bold about posting drinking Facebook statuses when you get the chance.

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Drinking Facebook Statuses
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and time is a waste of life,
We've been sitting at this stop sign for 10 minutes. Why won't it turn green?
If you must steal, steal kisses.
some people see a glass as half full, some see it as half empty i just see it as "not be long before i need another BEER !!!
I'm not drunk I'm "Rum Enhanced"
Oh Snuggie, couch and Natty Light how I have missed you so. Thanks for taking me back. I promise to not be away so long next time.
Say's ..... it's not the alcohol that causes hangovers it's the sleep, just think how great u felt before u went to bed (if u made it that far)
Cop: "Your eyes are red. Have you been drinking?" Driver: "Your eyes are glazed. Have you been eating donuts?"
Some say the glass is half empty, others say its half full. i say fuck it! give me the bottle!!
says, "You know you're too drunk to drive when you swerve to miss a tree, and then realize it was just your air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror."
Drinking Facebook Statuses
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when the liquor store is right next to walmart we all know there is going to be serious problems!
Just keep the weed and da liquor moving along.
Have you ever woken up covered in KY Jelly and Fruity Pebbles.. Wondering what exactly you did last night? =D
really needs to have a lot more of those nights they can barely remember, with people they will never forget ... and soon DAMN IT!!
time flies when you're getting shitfaced
hug me and I'll hug you back, kiss me and I'll kiss you back, love me and I'll love you back, but if you touch my VODKA, I will kill you ;-)
"It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now" sounds a little better than, it's 1:15, I'm trashed and I need a booty call.


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