Facebook Statuses About Dreams

The old saying that "everyone should follow their dream" is certainly true, and Facebook is actually the perfect place to tell the world about your dreams Facebook statuses. Provided you do it in the right way, Facebook statuses about dreams can be empowering both to yourself and your readers. However, you should avoid Facebook statuses about dreams that appear excessively self-centered.

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Facebook Statuses About Dreams
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I smile each time I think of you. I blush when I see you. I get butterflies when I talk you, when we hug everything is amazing. When we kiss my dreams came true
wants to sleep, but scared of the boogie man who invades my dreams.
Don't u just hate it when Ur having the best dream ever then all of a sudden your alarm goes off or somebody wakes u up
It's amazing how possible your goals seem once you start moving toward them.
When I'm with you, i never want to leave you! When I'm away from you, i just want to be with you! I'll see you in my dreams tonight! <3
Dreams are about making us live life to the fullest, sorrows are about learning who we are, and wisdom is what we achieve from experiencing both.
Sometimes I wish my dreams would happen in real life...
Don't underestimate the impossible, life might just surprise you.
Never let your head win always follow your heart and your dreams never give up because one day when you least expect the dream you dreamed will come true x
Don't tell me you're dreaming about me when you're still waking up next to your harsh reality!!!
Facebook Statuses About Dreams
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if you tell your dreams everybody will know,
Never stop dreaming, for "Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny" and your purpose in life
Don't you hate it when a dream seems so real when your sleeping that your devastated when you wake up and find out it wasn't?
We are who we are. It is what it is. Nothing more. Nothing Less. Everyday is a gift.
Without dreams, life is nothing
Sometimes life's hurt, but we must keep going on to realizing our dream.


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