Facebook Statuses About Drama

Those whose lives are prone to drama generally have plenty of raw material for drama Facebook statuses. When you lurch from crisis to crisis, be sure to pose drama Facebook statuses aplenty. Generally, Facebook statuses containing drama will get some kind of reaction, which could be either positive or negative, but they do say that all publicity is good publicity!

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Facebook Statuses About Drama
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Thinks its about time certain people QUIT trying to play the VICTIM in their little Drama production. Cos 99% of the time victims turn out to b the INSTIGATOR
If you don't like me for who I am, then oh well! Don't like what I say or do, Then don't read or watch me! This is me! I'm done with the petty !!
mm, excuse me. i think that your drama belongs back in kindergarten isle which is right next to the immature isle. so go take it back to the "who cares?" store
Remember when drama was " they STOLE MY CRAYON!"? Why can't we just go back to that?
you have to let go of the drama and the people who create it, surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Life is too short to be anything but happy.
wishes that some people would stop being so bitter when they caused their own drama
I hang out with guys cause there is less drama.
Today belongs to me...no phone calls, no company, no one else's problems...Today is mine.
Life should come with a remote. There are so many moments I'd give up my life for to pause, fast-forward, and rewind.
Facebook Statuses About Drama
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\u200e"I'm just the type of person who would rather have only a few close friends, only because I am just too scared to get too close to anyone."
i kinda think all this drama is getting kinda funny. pretty soon i don't think ill need cable with all this shit.
People tell me I'm a drama queen. I don't get why that's a bad thing. If I'm a queen, don't I get to tell you what to do? :)
Why is it that when people don't want others in their business all they do is air their life on Facebook? I'm just saying.
is OVER the family drama. If you can't be supportive...be quiet.
Somebody get the popcorn and coke!!! We're gonna watch some drama, and the Queen is about to perform!!!
I swear I can't make this crap up... who knew my life was so interesting that people have to make up sh@t about me? Wish someone would clue me in sometimes. :)
Before you point your finger at me, you better make sure your OWN hands are clean!


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