Facebook Statuses About Drama

Those whose lives are prone to drama generally have plenty of raw material for drama Facebook statuses. When you lurch from crisis to crisis, be sure to pose drama Facebook statuses aplenty. Generally, Facebook statuses containing drama will get some kind of reaction, which could be either positive or negative, but they do say that all publicity is good publicity!

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Facebook Statuses About Drama
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It's funny how some people don't realise that the more they talk about others, the more of an ass they make THEMSELVES out to be!
Is tired of drama. Maybe. Just maybe, there was a reason I cut you out of my life. Take the hint! (:
Life's to short for drama so I don't have time, All I'm thinking bout is my kids & that sexy man of mine!
Hates when people are so concerned with my business that they forget to mind their own...which could using a little tending to.
It takes the smarter bigger person to brush off the drama and walk away. It takes the psycho bitch with a small brain to give in and talk shit
Drama, i gotta deal with it, and i gotta listen to it! For real! it's called forgive and forget! Learn how to do it! i did and i got my BFF back, do it!
Drama is like a dog turd..it's better to just walk around & away from it. But, by the time you smell it you've probably already stepped in it.
If I need any drama in my life,I'll go to the theatre!
if I have to hear one more dramatic outburst...I will come to your house, scream out all of your secrets and then taze you in the throat, call 911 and leave.
If you have a problem with me..your just gonna have to deal with it sweet cheeks.(:
Facebook Statuses About Drama
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thinks that if u are gonna talk bad about someone...save the rumors and the drama and say itt too their face.
refuses to be involved with people who create or thrive on drama. Life is complicated enough without creating hell for ourselves or those around us. "Delete" :D
I think some people got this all screwed up..this is "Facebook" not "Two-faced Book"..just saying...
DEAR DRAMA LLAMA: Please chew on your drama filled spit and choke on your lies. Thank you. :-P
You should not complain about all the drama surrounding you if you are taking part in instigating it.
Ultra dramatic posts on Facebook always crack me up. Feel Like I'm watching a reality show. Need attention?
You should be VERY careful throwing stones from YOUR glass house as you WILL cause it to shatter upon yourself!
Drama. Why does a person complain of results when they bring them upon their self? Really, get your big girl panties on and deal with your situation.


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