Facebook Statuses About Drama

Those whose lives are prone to drama generally have plenty of raw material for drama Facebook statuses. When you lurch from crisis to crisis, be sure to pose drama Facebook statuses aplenty. Generally, Facebook statuses containing drama will get some kind of reaction, which could be either positive or negative, but they do say that all publicity is good publicity!

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Facebook Statuses About Drama
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"Stop letting your Bulldog mouth overload your Chihuahua ass"
mm, excuse me. i think that your drama belongs back in kindergarten isle which is right next to the immature isle. so go take it back to the "who cares?" store
wishes that some people would stop being so bitter when they caused their own drama
wonders why only half of the story ever gets told, and why for some reason the half that goes missing is the half including the one who is telling the story!?
has the kind of eyes that can see through all the bullshit.
Can't believe my life is important enough that you talk about it to everybody. Sorry your life isn't worth talking about.
How do I know you talk behind my back? Your "FRIENDS" tell me EVERYTHING!
I promised to be the better person and not get stuck in the drama. But i didn't promise that i wouldn't sit back with a bucket of popcorn and watch.
Hey.. I got just what you asked for, A cup of fuck you to go with a large go fuck yourself and a trip to fuck off ..PS i got it on sale
Remember when drama was " they STOLE MY CRAYON!"? Why can't we just go back to that?
Facebook Statuses About Drama
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Today belongs to me...no phone calls, no company, no one else's problems...Today is mine.
Life should come with a remote. There are so many moments I'd give up my life for to pause, fast-forward, and rewind.
i kinda think all this drama is getting kinda funny. pretty soon i don't think ill need cable with all this shit.
I swear I can't make this crap up... who knew my life was so interesting that people have to make up sh@t about me? Wish someone would clue me in sometimes. :)
I wish certain people would stay out of my business and relationships and just focus on their own!
Anyone who has something to say about my life- Cut out your tongue, Nail it to your wall and keep it as a daily reminder that I don't wanna hear you speak
how fucking happy i am without you
If you have a problem with me..your just gonna have to deal with it sweet cheeks.(:


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