Facebook Statuses About Drama

Those whose lives are prone to drama generally have plenty of raw material for drama Facebook statuses. When you lurch from crisis to crisis, be sure to pose drama Facebook statuses aplenty. Generally, Facebook statuses containing drama will get some kind of reaction, which could be either positive or negative, but they do say that all publicity is good publicity!

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Facebook Statuses About Drama
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"AHCHOO!" Damn, I must be allergic to bulls**t!
If you have a friend that talks shit about someone one day and hangs out with them the next . . . you better believe they are also talking shit about you.
A persons insecurities and self esteem are weighed by how much they consume themselves with other peoples business. ~ Mehndi
I keep my back to the past so you can get a good look at my ass!
says "Some people should take a chill pill and stop sweating the small stuff.Life is too short for drama or head games!" :p
You know... I think it's time to quit playing the "Victim" in your own little drama production...It gets really old, considering your age...
I'm going to turn the music on really loud and hopefully drown out the rest of the world. It's been one of those days.
thinks there needs to be a "no drama please" button on Facebook. One click would be worth a thousand words.
Says "don't listen to people that cant listen themselves!"
People who say they don't like drama are usually the ones dragging it out; if you hate drama then fix the problem and stop talking about it.
Facebook Statuses About Drama
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Word: Drama. Definition: A complete and total waste of my time.
Time to stop pointing the blame, time to get a job, time to move out on your own and time to quit your whining and most of all time to stop the drama
i miss the days when drama meant that someone stole your crayons!
Its time to grow up and get off the DRAMA train headed for Poor Pitiful Me Island and get the hell over it!!
Need a smile...text me. Need a laugh...call me. Got drama to b*tch about..leave a message after the beep...BEEEEEEEEEEP
If u don't like what I write on my page.. Then STOP READING IT & MIND UR own business..
It's amazingly peaceful because I'm choosing from life's option menu. I chose to eliminate those who cause me stress, drama, and pain!
Don't judge somebody because nobody is perfect !


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