Facebook Statuses About Drama

Those whose lives are prone to drama generally have plenty of raw material for drama Facebook statuses. When you lurch from crisis to crisis, be sure to pose drama Facebook statuses aplenty. Generally, Facebook statuses containing drama will get some kind of reaction, which could be either positive or negative, but they do say that all publicity is good publicity!

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I think some people got this all screwed up..this is "Facebook" not "Two-faced Book"..just saying...
A persons insecurities and self esteem are weighed by how much they consume themselves with other peoples business. ~ Mehndi
remember when the only dramatic thing, when we were younger, was our barbie doll head popping off??
Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones who need a kick in the ass the hardest.
Thinks its about time certain people QUIT trying to play the VICTIM in their little Drama production. Cos 99% of the time victims turn out to b the INSTIGATOR
One day I hope you realise how much I've really done for you and how much you have taken me for granted. But I won't be there when you do.
says, "Love your family, you only get one chance at life don't live with hate in your hearts."
Why is it that when people don't want others in their business all they do is air their life on Facebook? I'm just saying.
You say that you hate drama, and blame everybody else for starting it, yet you always continue it!
It is what it is. I'm done fighting. Take your drama elsewhere.
wonders why so many people say they hate drama when it is really them who create it?!! u wont find an answer because if u ask, they would start more drama
It's amazingly peaceful because I'm choosing from life's option menu. I chose to eliminate those who cause me stress, drama, and pain!
No one puts themselves in your life, you put them there. You can choose to IGNORE them or ACCEPT them.
Can't believe my life is important enough that you talk about it to everybody. Sorry your life isn't worth talking about.
Hates how people just put stuff on Facebook but then they wont actually say it to your face..
OOOOHHHH! DRAMA quick, someone get the popcorn!
If you don't like me for who I am, then oh well! Don't like what I say or do, Then don't read or watch me! This is me! I'm done with the petty !!
Notice how the people who put that they "Hate Drama" on their page are usually the ones with the most drama? Just sayin'.


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