Facebook Statuses About Death

While death is something none of us can avoid, and it hits us in various ways when friends and loved ones pass on, death Facebook statuses come in handy for keeping the social networking pot boiling. Facebook statuses about death always win sympathy in the form of kind comments, so you should not be shy about posting death Facebook statuses.

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Facebook Statuses About Death
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so they needed an angel, they took the best, free from pain, now you can rest. R.I.P
You may have lost your battle to cancer, but you're still my hero...
:~Some people walk in our lives for just a moment, but stay in our hearts forever:~
Death of a loved one at an unexpected time makes u see everything in life so differently. :( Suddenly most things are just not a big deal.
ur restin place I visit, place flowers there with care, but no-one knows my heartache wen I turn & leave u there.
Now that U R in the arms of an Angel, I know u are safe and out of pain. I know now U R are finally relieved of hurt. It keeps me going knowing u feel no pain
a smile can hide the tears, a laugh can hide the pain, but nothing stops the longing to have you back again xx
YOU are NOT forgotten and I will NEVER say Goodbye
Today marks the anniversary of the day I lost a piece of my heart, But you WILL ALWAYS be in my mind, no matter what! :( I miss you... xxx u00e2ufffdu00a5
Angels,angels up above take care of _ _ _ _ _ and treat them good,when you lay them down at night tell them we love them and that we said goodnight <3 x <3
Facebook Statuses About Death
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"it's easier to lie, to hide the hurt and emptiness, to smile instead of cry, to act like it's all a dream and pretend that missing you doesn't hurt"
Losing someone you know is hard, but losing someone you love is a whole new story~!
when you were here you never knew how much you would be missed, but not a day goes by that we don't think about you, the worst part is we never said good bye <3
Is remembering someone special...Heaven gained an angel. :(
Today my best friend was taken from me. I am not the guy to fuck with today R. I. P.
Flowers may wilt, tears may dry, but our memories of you will never die...
The optimist will say "They're in a better place." The pessimist will say "It was just their time." Be the realist. Smile and say "They'll always be with me."
Wrap your arms around their Lord and kiss their smiling face. they is a very special Nan who can never be replaced.


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