While death is something none of us can avoid, and it hits us in various ways when friends and loved ones pass on, death Facebook statuses come in handy for keeping the social networking pot boiling. Facebook statuses about death always win sympathy in the form of kind comments, so you should not be shy about posting death Facebook statuses.

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Facebook Statuses About Death
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I can't accept the reality that you're gone. That I won't hear your voice again. That I won't see your smile. I miss you.
Time may pass and fade away But memories of you will always stay
I want to call you. I want to talk to you. I want to hear you laugh and say " I love you". I want to say " see you later" and know it will happen. I miss you.
:~Some people walk in our lives for just a moment, but stay in our hearts forever:~
You may have lost your battle to cancer, but you're still my hero...
i can't accept the reality that you're gone. that i won't hear your voice again. that i won't see your smile.i miss you dad. "Adnan Ahmed"
The optimist will say "They're in a better place." The pessimist will say "It was just their time." Be the realist. Smile and say "They'll always be with me."
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.
was once told that life is like a rose garden. God seems to pick the best ones. Today that feels true.
"it's easier to lie, to hide the hurt and emptiness, to smile instead of cry, to act like it's all a dream and pretend that missing you doesn't hurt"
Facebook Statuses About Death
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Is remembering someone special...Heaven gained an angel. :(
no farewell words were spoken no time to say good-bye you were gone before we knew it & only God knows why* love & miss you* sometimes i wonder why they took you
YOU are NOT forgotten and I will NEVER say Goodbye
Wrap your arms around their Lord and kiss their smiling face. they is a very special grandma who can never be replaced.
Flowers may wilt, tears may dry, but our memories of you will never die...
No words can tell, no flowers repay, The loss we had one year today. Till memories fail and life departs, You will live forever in our hearts. Miss You Papa <3
The price to pay for having someone special touch your life is the sadness you feel when they're gone.Even though it cost me tears the memories were a bargain.
Now that U R in the arms of an Angel, I know u are safe and out of pain. I know now U R are finally relieved of hurt. It keeps me going knowing u feel no pain

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