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Crazy Facebook Statuses
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omg that purple chipmunk called that hippopotamus on my cell phone
meow... imma flying squirrel
Put your hand up if you think I am crazy... then think again... i mean who is the one sticking their hand up at a computer screen?
HELP! I'm being chased by Giant blue potatoes, an army of man eating toilets, ninja squirrels,, purple bunnys, little green men, d-cons, and oompa-loompas
I don't have issues. I have entire subscriptions.
...Stop reading this i said stop! STOP IT!! "Mom! they keep reading my status!!" STOP!! UR STILL READING! * Runs away*
..feels like they is a few fries short of a Happy Meal today!
Isn't here right now, I have currently sent my brain on vacation for a while. Leave me a message and when my brain gets back, I will contact you. BEEP!
A bus station is where a bus stops.
when a women talks dirty 2 a man, its $4.99 per minute!
Crazy Facebook Statuses
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When the voices say there are no voices,that means the real voices are the voices are actually the voices that aren't there.The voices want me to shut up now.
Most people think i weird and crazy,but they don't see it the way I do. I mean have you ever thought that just maybe I'm the normal one and you are crazy?
I have penis envy... The toilet seat is too damn cold to sit on in the morning!!
I wanna go play with the Fairies but the nasty leprechauns have captured me ... they won't let me go ... until someone pays 10 squirrels ... someone bail me out
Have you ever started laughing for no reason, then started laughing even harder because you were laughing for no reason, Good I thought I was the only one
Does anyone want to hang out? I'm currently not talking to my imaginary friend.
's not crazy, u r! it's completely normal to talk to teddy bears, see pink unicorns and hang out with purple porcupines! :D
magical unicorn- yes you are!!

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