Crazy Facebook Statuses

Being genuinely crazy is absolutely no joke whatsoever, but crazy Facebook statuses definitely provide some much needed light relief in the social networking sphere. Facebook statuses about crazy topics always get the wires buzzing, and soon you will be swamped with “likes” and comments. For this reason, you will find this site is jam-packed with a wide range of crazy Facebook statuses!

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Crazy Facebook Statuses
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is bored,Yay !The men in white coats have come to drag me to the comfy room with the coat that makes you hug your self!I love those guys,they said I was special
anyone who says "nothing is impossible" has obviously never tried to staple jello to a tree.
has gone crazy, or maybe insane. CHEESE BALLS! Where is my phone?!
"CRAZY" Is so so harsh a word to use! Please use the term "MENTALLY UNSTABLE" when you talk about me in the future!
Accept the craziness. Life will be a bore without it.
why does paper beat rock? if you hold a paper in front of your face and i throw a rock at it who wins??
All things considered, insanity is the only reasonable alternative.
who knew that riding in a boat uphill with out the wheels falling off would be so hard...
kinky= using a feather...
have you ever tried to slam a revolving door? its not easy it takes a really crazy person to do. like me!
Crazy Facebook Statuses
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if you sit for over an hour looking at status shuffle you must be addicted. i should know I've been here for two hours.
's level of insanity has just been elevated to orange and much like the Homeland Security's advisory system, no one knows what it means or how to deal with it.
SHH! The walls will HEAR YOU! They have eyes like a CAT!
i want my crayons! where are my crayons? Who took my crayons!
this morning all the voices in my head were speaking at the same time... now I'm REALLY confused!
AHH!! runnn EMO RABID TACO on the LOOSE everybody RUNNN for ur life, ooooo Sparkly Shiny Bubble Its a magical Rainbow Hippo in a Polkadot Pipe
What would you do if a bunch of monkeys burst into the room this second? Please comment...


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