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Being genuinely crazy is absolutely no joke whatsoever, but crazy Facebook statuses definitely provide some much needed light relief in the social networking sphere. Facebook statuses about crazy topics always get the wires buzzing, and soon you will be swamped with “likes” and comments. For this reason, you will find this site is jam-packed with a wide range of crazy Facebook statuses!

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Crazy Facebook Statuses
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I had to kill an apple because they ate a banana, who ate a taco, who ate a cookie named George!!!
If I told you what the voices in my head told me to tell you then you would run away screaming, but If I don't tell you they will give me the silent treatment.
Ive lost my mind and if it gets back before i get back tell it to wait
Sometimes I wonder why all the pink panda's in my living room try to attack my purple penguins !!!
people tell me I've lost the plot. i tell them they are wrong, you can't lose something you never had. :L lol
Today I got arrested because I went to the cops and told them I was a cereal killer. I am I stepped on Snap Crackle and Pop!
My purple penguin SO beat your blue flying elephant!
so laugh a Little harder
What's on your mind? FB asks...u really wanna know?? Grab a chair, sit down, take some medication and I'll begin...
is following the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, to meet up with the Mad Hatter and have a cup of tea. ;)
Crazy Facebook Statuses
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If a cow and a half can eat a bale and a half in a day and a half how long would it take for a rubber mosquito with wooden legs to kick the dimples off a pickle
Blond:what colour are your blue eyes Other Blond:ahh... i think they're green
I like running down the street with my skittles and throwing them at random people and screaming "TASTE THE FREAKING RAINBOW!"
saves lives each day - because there are people out there that need to be shot, and I don't shoot 'em.
U think I'm crazy wait in till u see my best friend shes nuts!!!
is just a PASSENGER on this ride called LIFE! Sometimes I just hold on tight and squeal, "WEEEEEEE!!" And other times I scream, "LET ME OFF THIS CRAZY RIDE!!"
Sure, I talk to myself, and willingly admit it. It doesn't mean I'm crazy... just that I appreciate intelligent conversations and know where to find one ;-)
Just relax and accept the craziness. Life would be boring without it.


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