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Being genuinely crazy is absolutely no joke whatsoever, but crazy Facebook statuses definitely provide some much needed light relief in the social networking sphere. Facebook statuses about crazy topics always get the wires buzzing, and soon you will be swamped with “likes” and comments. For this reason, you will find this site is jam-packed with a wide range of crazy Facebook statuses!

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Crazy Facebook Statuses
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I may randomly burst out in laughter. Don't worry. It's an inside joke. You may not get it, but WE do.
It's not so bad being crazy. You'll never run out of friends; even if they are imaginary. LOL
I was in the park today running around in circles screaming i am hyper and crazy!! They thought i was mentally retarded and gave me $5!!! CRAZY HUH!!!
you want to know why your my best friend, cuz your with me in the padded room, with comfy tight jackets and nice ghosts that give us candy!!
Did you here they found some bones on the moon!
For the next hour I'm on strike!! The voices in my head are fighting over what to do next.So I'm doing nothing till they learn to relax!Jeeezz :D
thinks :-C looks like a Chinese man with a mustache
sometimes i wish that the grapes and the cucumbers would just get along. It really hurts the bananas feelings. But the tomatoes are happy.
me and my voices in my head talked it over last night we think you have problems... mentally
Crazy Facebook Statuses
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In order to become a NINJA you must first bring me a jelly donut without the jelly!! Muahahahahaha ;) No seriously!! GO! I WANT ONE!
I wonder what would happen if you pushed a slinky down an escalator
Me Normal? WHO SAID THAT! I'll stab them with a gummy bear!
Smart Person: wtf?!
turn on the music dance around like an idiot and sing like your on crack
I'm so lonely, i was driven 2 talk 2 myself, then i started getting into arguments with myself, then i lost them all, and now I'm not speaking 2 me anymore.
feels like going 2 the store and Setting all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.
if someone throws skittles at me and yells ""TASTE THE RAINBOW"" ill throw a bottle of Dr.Pepper at them and yell "" WHATS THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN""


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