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Crazy Facebook Statuses
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For the next hour I'm on strike!! The voices in my head are fighting over what to do next.So I'm doing nothing till they learn to relax!Jeeezz :D
thinks :-C looks like a Chinese man with a mustache
sometimes i wish that the grapes and the cucumbers would just get along. It really hurts the bananas feelings. But the tomatoes are happy.
Smart Person: wtf?!
turn on the music dance around like an idiot and sing like your on crack
if someone throws skittles at me and yells ""TASTE THE RAINBOW"" ill throw a bottle of Dr.Pepper at them and yell "" WHATS THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN""
OMG the evil teddy-bear from my attic wants more invisible chocolate but I can't find anymore and now them and the penguins from outer space are coming together!
GROUP HUG!!! Oh wait its just the straight jacket... running around the house waving a rubber chicken & screaming "BANZAI!"cause running around screaming "I'm waving a rubber chicken!!" would just be silly.
Crazy Facebook Statuses
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i love school except the whole learning concept! :)
You might think I'm crazy, my friends know I am! Ask them, you'll be surprised by their stories.
Crazy! I was crazy once... they locked me in a room with no windows. That drove me nuts. NUTS! Squirrels eat nuts. They drive my crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once
I only talk to myself because i am the only one who understands me
So my imaginary friend told me today that your imaginary friend stole their crayons and called their a that true?
has took the goldfish for a walk... be back soon
sitting on my green hippo waiting for that purple tree to give the rainbow octopus that orange Cookie so it can rain flying unicorns and everyone will smile
>got a problem wiv that?

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