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Being genuinely crazy is absolutely no joke whatsoever, but crazy Facebook statuses definitely provide some much needed light relief in the social networking sphere. Facebook statuses about crazy topics always get the wires buzzing, and soon you will be swamped with “likes” and comments. For this reason, you will find this site is jam-packed with a wide range of crazy Facebook statuses!

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Crazy Facebook Statuses
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Wonders if their sanity is under the fridge with the dust bunnies or under the stove with their marbles!
is going to peel a bunny
says Adderall plus Zanax equals I'm paying attention to you but I don't care!
I didn't lose my mind... I only lost half of it. The other half went to find it.
Some say that they sleeps inside out, and that they once had full sex with Russell Brand's answering machine.
I thought I had lost my mind. Then I realized you have to have something before you can lose it.
All the people who call me crazy need to realise...I'm having way more fun than you are right now!!
I'm making Prozac, Morphine,Chocolate chip cookie dough ,vodka,rum, whiskey, beer and moonshine martinis. Anyone else want one ?
Have you ever argued with a crazy person? It's kinda like slamming a revolving door shut... you just keep going in circles and eventually you just get dizzy
4 Levels of Insanity:
Crazy Facebook Statuses
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No I didn't escape, they let me out . . Then I ran !!
tried to go crazy... found out i am banned for life... looks like I'm getting a trespassing charge
My work just gave me my employee evaluation with a gift basket, inside was a pistol, rope, pills and bottle of Jack, should I worry or send a Thank You card?
its a case of mind over matter, i don't have a mind so it doesn't really matter
sorry my mind has left to a meeting at a moment.(the crayon factory ran out of blue) please leave a message after the beep... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP
Gone crazy, be back soon...or not. Don't wait up!!
Warning I seen every Single Crime Scene TV show, I can make a Murder look like it never happened
Muahahahahahahahaha I just saw a Purple Unicorn with a Blue Monkey holding a Red Lolly-pop and going over the Rainbow!! As you can see I'm really hyper!! :D


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