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Being genuinely crazy is absolutely no joke whatsoever, but crazy Facebook statuses definitely provide some much needed light relief in the social networking sphere. Facebook statuses about crazy topics always get the wires buzzing, and soon you will be swamped with “likes” and comments. For this reason, you will find this site is jam-packed with a wide range of crazy Facebook statuses!

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a, b, c, d, e, f, g, gummy bears are chasing me. One is red, one is blue, one is peeing on my shoe. Now I'm running for my life cause the red one has a knife!!!
You know, and I know you know and you know that I know you know what you know!
Here's the best advice of the day: If you call a psychic and they don't greet you by name, HANG UP!!!
Muahahahahahahahaha I just saw a Purple Unicorn with a Blue Monkey holding a Red Lolly-pop and going over the Rainbow!! As you can see I'm really hyper!! :D
My friend said I was delusional. I nearly fell off my unicorn.
may come across as crazy and stressed out but trust me I've got everything under control :) now where did i put that chainsaw ha ha ha i found it ':D now run;p
OK, I laughed often (got stared at), I loved harder (one new restraining order), and I danced like no one was watching,.. THAT was when they locked me up! HELP!
I'm not crazy! I just have too much awesomeness for you to take. :P
Scariest thought of the year... What if I had a twin? Oh how the people in this world would react =]
A dog will love you more then your wife... Don't believe me? Lock both in the trunk of your car for an hour then see which one will be happy to see you.
Me Normal? WHO SAID THAT! I'll stab them with a gummy bear!
would love go into a carpet store dressed as Aladdin, sit on one of those rectangle carpet samples and yell out "HOW DO WE GET THIS THING TO WORK?"
The purple monkeys are out to get me...I swear they are. They have teamed up the the sock eating garden gnomes...they are trying to invade my bubble wrap fort.
Special thanks to the penguins, couldn't have done it without you.
It's not so bad being crazy. You'll never run out of friends; even if they are imaginary. LOL
Finally got the voices in my head to stop talking so loud. Just wrap your head in duct tape and they sound muffled! Ha ha I win!
If you think I'm crazy, raise your hand...
Boy i tell u what, my imaginary friend is really good at hide-n-seek, i haven't been able to find them for three days and i even asked the voices in my head.


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