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Disney should make a princess with no hair, so that every little girl in the world who's fighting cancer will know she's beautiful !!!!! Am I right ?
❤♡...Do you guys not a Princess of thank god
cool statua
fucking freeze
dear homework,u r unatrattive,therefore,i cannot do u
When you hear a teacher say "I'm this close to calling your mom" you just feel like saying "tell their i said hi"
Prince Aman
no matter hw i hate u..but still i wil respect u
I am what I am
Đơn phương là thế, dù rất thích, rất muốn bày tỏ nhưng bản thân không cho phép. Vì em sợ rằng một mai sẽ không còn là bạn mà là người dưng.
If you like me as a friend like my status, If you think I'm cute poke me, If you would like to hook up with me inbox me a
that awkward moment when you are looking your phone.everywhere ,all along it is in your hand


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