Coffee Facebook Statuses

Nowadays, many people depend on a major caffeine hit to get them started in the morning, so coffee Facebook statuses are sure to strike a chord with all your social networking friends. Later in the day, you can use Facebook statuses about coffee to whine about having drunk too much of the stuff. As such, coffee Facebook statuses have a double value.

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Coffee Facebook Statuses
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Coffee coffee coffee coffee. Coffee coffee coffee coffee...COFFEE. Holy Starbucks Batman, it's coffee!!
I can't do anything right till I have smoked a coffee and had a cup of cigarette.
Coffee has made me it's Bitch...ugh.
Time for my three course breakfast, coffee, cream and sugar.
Coffee! Give it here! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!
the fact that I am awake is brought to you by Maxwell House.
WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the things I say or do before the caffeine has fully made it to my blood stream.
Aah...the first sip of coffee in the morning tastes so incredible!!
C is for coffee, it's good enough for me. OH COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE starts with C!!
don't. touch. my. COFFEE!
Coffee Facebook Statuses
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Woke up this morning and went 2 get up but as soon as my feet touched the floor i could here the devil say ' O SHIT-the bitch is up' -i think i need my coffee
Coffee, you complete me...
note to self ... for once in your life ... learn from your mistakes ... next time you feel a sneeze coming on ... PUT THE COFFEE DOWN ...
Deja Brew: The feeling that you've had this coffee before
says.. If I smack the shit out of you.. It's not that I don't like you, I just haven't had enough coffee and you are pissing me off.
Dear Caffeine, Thank you for giving me the energy to do today, what I wanted to put off until tomorrow.
really thinks that Starbucks should have a "happy hour" like Sonic!!
Ever feel like you've had too much coffee? Me neither.


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