Coffee Facebook Statuses

Nowadays, many people depend on a major caffeine hit to get them started in the morning, so coffee Facebook statuses are sure to strike a chord with all your social networking friends. Later in the day, you can use Facebook statuses about coffee to whine about having drunk too much of the stuff. As such, coffee Facebook statuses have a double value.

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Coffee Facebook Statuses
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Caffeine puts the Zippity in my Doodah!
I love coffee yes I do, Maxwell House and Foldgers too. French roast, Dark roast, Breakfast blend I love coffee to the end.
There is no use crying over spilled milk. Spilled coffee, however, may get you stabbed!!
.. Today will be a good day.. Drinking my coffee, took my fukitol pill, yup today will be a good day
realizes that coffee just isn't enough today ... Anyone have jumper cables I can borrow ?
after the 1st sip and on to the 2nd sip, I close my eyes and I can literally hear the engines starting up... so thankful for COFFEE
Has just finished an entire pot of coffee in order to get motivated to do absolutely nothing!
I have drunk enough coffee this morning to support all the workers of Folgers for a when does the morning start? Oh, it's afternoon? Never mind!!
...thinks coffee is one of many gifts God gave us to stop that Cain & Able thing from happening again.
Given enough coffee, I could rule the world. ~Author Unknown
Coffee Facebook Statuses
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I got a Folger's Coffee buzz going on.
Coffee and cigarettes are the healthiest things on earth. They keep me from killing you!
may not cry over spilled milk, but will choke the shit out of you over spilled coffee!
I think its funny that no matter how many times you say that you are going to quit drinking coffee you always end up with a cup of coffee in your hands.
when it comes to my coffee cup, SIZE does matter!
Woke up this morning and went 2 get up but as soon as my feet touched the floor i could here the devil say ' O SHIT-the bitch is up' -i think i need my coffee
Dear Caffeine, Thank you for giving me the energy to do today, what I wanted to put off until tomorrow.
If you want coffee, drink some coffee. If you are considering ordering a Starbucks Eggnog Latte, don't bother. Just find a bum and ask if you can lick their ass!


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