Coffee Facebook Statuses

Nowadays, many people depend on a major caffeine hit to get them started in the morning, so coffee Facebook statuses are sure to strike a chord with all your social networking friends. Later in the day, you can use Facebook statuses about coffee to whine about having drunk too much of the stuff. As such, coffee Facebook statuses have a double value.

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Coffee Facebook Statuses
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Coffee is an amazing drink. It keeps my blood pumping, and everybody else's from making a mess on the floor!
oh great. its monday. now where did i leave my stress ball and coffee cup...
is awake!!! And right now, that's good enough!!
Good morning friends n family. Coffee went down great, cross the fingers the rest of the day goes same way.
*WARNING* My caffeine level is dangerously LOW! Approach at your own risk! (this has been a public service announcement)
It's morning,talk slowly and direct me to the nearest coffee machine before you try and tell me some thing important.
chocolate. coffee.and a computer.-sigh- without these things, i am incomplete
I'm only considered 'awake' when there's more coffee in my blood then there is blood
Drink all your coffee! There are tired people in Ethiopia!
If it weren't for coffee I'd be a serial killer
Coffee Facebook Statuses
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says... Only thing better than a cup of coffee is BIGGER cup of coffee!!!i
there are some mornings where i just wanna skip the brewing process and put a hand full of coffee beans in my mouth and chew em up!!! This is one of those days!
alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm, coffee, Facebook, coffee, breakfast, coffee, shower, coffee, dressed, coffee, teeth, coffee... OK I'm up!
One for the money, Two for the show. Give me my coffee and I am ready to go! ~:o) at a point in their life where even the devil says "oh sh*t they's out of coffee" and runs for cover!
Today's forecast: slightly drowsy at first but with increasing hyperactive later, due to the high levels of caffeine ingested. :D
its gonna be one of those...keep the coffee brewing kind of days cause my tail ain't wantin' to wag this morning!
Coffee is my life juice


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