Coffee Facebook Statuses

Nowadays, many people depend on a major caffeine hit to get them started in the morning, so coffee Facebook statuses are sure to strike a chord with all your social networking friends. Later in the day, you can use Facebook statuses about coffee to whine about having drunk too much of the stuff. As such, coffee Facebook statuses have a double value.

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Coffee Facebook Statuses
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Coffee? No, I like to refer to it as "Liquid Sanity"
This is my cup of coffee. There are many like it but this one is mine. Without me, my coffee is useless. Without my coffee, I am useless.
WARNING: Touching my coffee may result in loss of extremities, outbursts of obscenities, and other severe injuries.
I don't start working till the coffee does
is in a coffee relationship; but if you bring your own cup I might consider sharing.
Coffee, cream, sugar...drink and repeat
Coffee good : ) Monday bad : (
This wonderful mood is brought to you by: COFFEE!!
Since coffee comes from beans, I figure my six pots of coffee more than covers my daily recommended amount of vegetables.
likes their sex like they likes their coffee hot strong and on the kitchen table with the snap of their fingers
Coffee Facebook Statuses
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Dear Coffee, Thank you for always being here for me every morning to wake me up and give me lots of energy...I couldn't do it without you! Love, Me!
I love coffee yes I do, Maxwell House and Foldgers too. French roast, Dark roast, Breakfast blend I love coffee to the end.
today's mood is brought to you by Folgers =)
There is no use crying over spilled milk. Spilled coffee, however, may get you stabbed!!
realizes that coffee just isn't enough today ... Anyone have jumper cables I can borrow ?
after the 1st sip and on to the 2nd sip, I close my eyes and I can literally hear the engines starting up... so thankful for COFFEE
...thinks coffee is one of many gifts God gave us to stop that Cain & Able thing from happening again.
Given enough coffee, I could rule the world. ~Author Unknown


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