Christmas Facebook Statuses

Christmas is generally such a happy time of year that spreading the joy around with some timely Christmas Facebook statuses is sure to go down well. It is almost certain that friends and family will respond favorably to Facebook statuses about Christmas, pushing the “like” button freely and frequently. This is why Christmas Facebook statuses become such a high priority during the Holiday season.

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Christmas Facebook Statuses
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97% of people who drive into a ditch will yell and scream, 97% of country people who drive into a ditch will yell "Hold my beer and watch this!"
godd ya gotta love family and shit but heyy lifes nawt a fairytale
fuck you fa la la la la la, o my God your so gay, fa la la la la la la la:)
When I put up the Christmas tree this year, I don't have to put an Angel on top of the tree, My mom is there on top watching down on us. Love you Mom,
is going to triple dog dare someone to lick a flagpole this winter :-)
When I said I wanted snow, I meant a dusting or just enough to build a snowman! I did not want to be taken to Narnia. !
I just found a Xmas present from last year for the kids....... should have seen their little faces when they opened it..poor little kitten !!!
May all the blessings of this season be yours. Wishing everyone happiness at Christmas and peace and prosperity throughout the coming New Year! :)
As the Holiday season approaches, may your home be filled with lots of Love, Laughter and Yummy smells!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Christmas Facebook Statuses
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3) You are Santa Claus!
Dear Santa, I promise this year not to put ex-lax in your cookies or add Viagra to your milk. Please take me off your naughty list!
The ghetto version of jingle bells: Dashing through the hood, in a one door Cadillac U make up the rest in your comments!
Whoever said that your slower then Christmas was an idiot, Every year it gets faster and faster!
Has anyone actually ever seen Santa? ..I'm starting to believe they's not real to be honest with you!!
Dear Santa; If there are any REALLY good men left in this world that aren't married or gay, could you PLEASE leave one under my Christmas tree?
to all Lady Gaga haters~ imagine you being stuck in a tour bus the week of Christmas,thousands of miles from home. Lady gaga has feelings too!
Merry Christmas to All my loved ones out there! I am not there to hug and wish u in person but I am sending my virtual love and good tidings to all u2665 u2665


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