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Tis the season to b jolly falalalalalalalalala I'm 20 odd and Santa brought me a dolly falalalalalalalalala Someone pricked my but with f**kin holly falalalala!
Shouldn't angle Christmas tree toppers be considered sacrilegious? I mean come on you're sticking a tree up an angle's ass!
Dear Santa, Please send your credit card numbers. it's only fair since you're getting the credit for the gifts, that you should start paying for them also
May the New Year find your home filled with joy, your heart filled with love, and your life filled with laughter.
has thought very hard about what they would like for Christmas, then I realized that I already have the most precious gifts of all, My Family! xo <3
Santa: little girl, what would you like for Christmas?
CHRIST-mas isn't about the presents underneath the tree; it's about the present that died on the tree. Merry CHRIST-mas everybody. [: AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS
Merry Xmas and Happy new year, hope you get everything you want in 2011, plenty of booze, sex and to win the lotto!! xx
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To all our brave soldiers far from home, we keep you all in our prayers to return to us safe.THANK YOU for what you do.GOD BLESS YOU ALL
I'm watching A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart.
One Day I loved The Snow But 22Mins Into It I Hated It (F**K OFF SNOW!!)
OK... The Holidays are over! Is everybody ready to get back to what we think is Normal?
is suffering from post Christmas shopping depression. Checking account is on "E" and my January credit card statement is gonna SUCK!
your family loves all the food, gifts, and decorations of Christmas but when it is time to put it away you can't find not one of them that says you need help
So when someone ask you " Where is your Christmas Spirit?" is it so wrong to point out your liquor cabinet?
Dear Santa, I don't want much this year, all I want is for the person reading this to be in my life forever... And that they want me in their lives too. wondering, would it be wrong to ask Santa to drop their off in Margaritaville?
Says All I Want For Christmas is something tall, cuddly and handsome with a sprinkling of tattoos and a temptingly sweet center!


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