Christmas Facebook Statuses

Christmas is generally such a happy time of year that spreading the joy around with some timely Christmas Facebook statuses is sure to go down well. It is almost certain that friends and family will respond favorably to Facebook statuses about Christmas, pushing the “like” button freely and frequently. This is why Christmas Facebook statuses become such a high priority during the Holiday season.

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I have just been kidnapped by a fat dude in a red suit, shoved in a bag and taken to the north pole and wrapped up. Who put me on their Christmas list? ;)
wants a money tree for Christmas!!
x-mas stands for x-kiss m-my a-ass s-Santa x kiss my ass Santa :)
If you wake up Christmas morning with a funny taste in your mouth remember Santa only comes once a year
If YOU were granted ONE gift this Christmas, What would you ask for?
don't get your bells in a jingle!
"Twas the night before Christmas"(:
Christmas is coming and my ass it getting fat, i hate fucking Christmas and Santa is a idiot, and you can consider this as your Christmas card!!!
your so dumb that u went to the hospital and told them you have a crack in your ass
The Christmas atmosphere inside looks delightful but my bank account looks frightful, what happened to all my cash? i dunno i dunno i dunno!
I don't need an angel on my tree I have one looking down on me.This Christmas we all wish you where here but some1 else needed you up there. R.I.P love you<3x
Its December 26 so Christmas is over so lets turn off the damn music and take down the stinking lights!
To all of my friends old/new, I am so thankful for all of you. Have a Merry Christmas. Be safe and enjoy your families. Let's remember what this season is about
I wish you a Merry Christmas
people say IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE when its 12 at night they say it when its nine in the morning WHY? its dumb its not evening why, DON'T THEY HAVE A FUCKING BRAIN?
Hope everyone's Halos are shiny & bright (like mine, lol) cause Santa Clause comes tonight!!!
Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
bob: "you wana humbug Mr Scrooge?" *takes humbug out the pocket* " merry Christmas sir" Scrooge: "Go and enjoy Christmas leave


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