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Christmas is generally such a happy time of year that spreading the joy around with some timely Christmas Facebook statuses is sure to go down well. It is almost certain that friends and family will respond favorably to Facebook statuses about Christmas, pushing the “like” button freely and frequently. This is why Christmas Facebook statuses become such a high priority during the Holiday season.

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Merry Christmas Dad. Please say Happy Birthday to Jesus for me.
I was thinking very hard this year about what I wanted for Christmas. Then I remembered I already have the best Christmas presents; my 2 wonderful children
Thinks Jack Frost is a Jack Ass. they brought this evil fluffy white blanket upon us. But what did we get in return? A new year, new chance for them to start again
Omg! I saw the coolest thing in a store window today. I was gonna get it for you for Christmas, but then I realized it was my reflection! :)
So when someone ask you " Where is your Christmas Spirit?" Are you suppose to point out your liquor cabinet?
Santa: Doesn't Barbie come with Ken?
fill your home with joy
Dear Santa, Does NAUGHTY count if I do it very NICELY?
To my friends that I am honored to have in my life.May the season warm your soul,bring love to your heart and bless you with everything this life has to offer.
TODAY'S WEATHER: crappy, becoming crappy later, with continued crappy until tomorrow when the weather is expected to turn very crappy
Help! I think I've just been shoved into a bag by a man in a red suit and now I think I'm in the air. Don't lie, WHO PUT ME ON THEIR CHRISTMAS LIST?!
Dear Santa, You know I have been bad, but you have to admit you had fun watching me
is doing last minute Christmas...Please stand clear
"Only one thing in the world could drag me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window." A Christmas Story (Ralph)
The best Christmas gift I could ever get I already have; my family is healthy and are an important part in why I have a great life! Thank you all for loving me!
wonders if it is wrong to ask Santa for a "White Christmas" AND a tropical heat wave for the rest of the winter?
Kiss you under mistletoe? I wouldn't kiss you under General Anaesthetic.


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