Christmas Facebook Statuses

Christmas is generally such a happy time of year that spreading the joy around with some timely Christmas Facebook statuses is sure to go down well. It is almost certain that friends and family will respond favorably to Facebook statuses about Christmas, pushing the “like” button freely and frequently. This is why Christmas Facebook statuses become such a high priority during the Holiday season.

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Sending lots of love this Christmas x x x
I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name
I put in an URGENT REQUEST to Santa last night for a mirror so you can locate that STICK that's UP YOUR ASS and REMOVE IT!!
is thinking. If I had to make a live nativity scene with the cast of my friends. I would be in trouble! Who would be the Virgin Mary,3 Wise Men and the Angel?
Christmas is when you get the whole dysfunctional family under the one roof
All I want for Christmas~can't be bought.
Okay, I have got to make this XMAS shopping fun...Let's see, a gift for someone, one or two for me, a gift for someone, two or three for me. Now, it's fun!
For a Christmas gift...Don't you wish they made a "clap on clap off" device for some people's mouths!
I saw mommy killing Saaanta Claus; Underneath the mistletoe laaast night!!!
How much notice do you have to give?
It's Christmas in Hollywood
family and friends are like snowflakes..all beautiful and all so different...Merry Christmas everyone.
Since I'm too lazy to send messages to each friend, just want to say "Hope you all have a really great Christmas. Good heath and be happy."
JuZ waNnA bE tHe FiRsT oNe tO gReEt yOu guYs, MeRrY ChRiStMaS


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