Christian Facebook Statuses

Christianity may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is sure easy to get a reaction on Facebook with Christian Facebook statuses. Those of your friends who are devout are sure to react favorably to Facebook statuses about Christian topics. On the other hand, too many Christian Facebook statuses could result in some negative attention, but all attention is good, isn't it?

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Christian Facebook Statuses
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~ When the enemy starts knocking on a door that you closed long ago, you just say, "JESUS, IT'S FOR YOU!!"
Being a Christian may not always be an easy job, may not always pay well, but the retirement plan is out of this world.
I won't let the world mess w/ my emotions. God is the one who decides who I am & the world's judgement against me cannot stand next 2 God's thoughts toward me!
During bad times, God gave you knees to pray on and a bible to lean on. Jesus saves(:
Yes I'm a christian! NO I'm not perfect, and still sin and stumble and fall prey to the world. That is What Jesus Christ is for, to help me up afterwards.
i may not be who God wants me to be but i change that more and more everyday <3
" With faith, nothing is impossible."
Dear God, I surrender please save me from this pain. Hear my prayer's and guide me through this day. For I have nothing if I don't have you. Amen
In Genesis, God created the whole universe out of nothing. Next time you believe you have nothing ask God to make something out of it!
God you are my life, i give you thanks for all you have done for me and God Bless all my friends..
Christian Facebook Statuses
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It's okay if the world ends in 2012, because I have life insurance, it's called being a Christian. If you want to be a part of this, call 1-800-PRAY-2-GOD.
When your storm is at its worst, watch for the rainbow. God's light is gonna break through the clouds and surround you with beauty and radiance. Hang in there.
I am and always will be a child of the king a christian and I am not ashamed to say,text or type it either
believes that friends in Christ are friends forever.
who needs needs prince charming and glass slippers when your father is king of kings
or you will learn to be like them
There is nothing I feared more than the ridicule from common man, until I felt the love of Christ, and feared never feeling it again. A saved man, will save others, in the name of god.


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