Chocolate Facebook Statuses

Not only is chocolate one of the yummiest things going, but posting Facebook statuses about chocolate is a guaranteed attention grabber. Chocolate Facebook statuses are not exactly original but, since chocoholics are so numerous, mentioning this sugary treat is sure to get a reaction of some sort, so you should certainly consider using chocolate Facebook statuses at least now and then.

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Chocolate Facebook Statuses
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has a chocolate problem... I don't have any!!!
a little bit of chocolate can always make you happy !!.
wants a tall, dark, and handsome chocolate bar!
Chocolate is made from cocoa, cocoa is derived from beans, we all know beans are vegetables, so - chocolate counts as vegetables. So eat 5 serves daily.
Why get high on drugs when you can get high on CHOCOLATE!
Public Service Announcement: Chocolate counts as one of your 5 a day. It's made from beans, beans are vegetables, therefore chocolate is a vegetable.
I love chocolate, but chocolate makes my clothes shrink.
u hurt my friends ill hurt u , mess up my relationship ill mess up your face but u so even dare to come between me n my chocolate i will KILL U
Life is like a box of chocolates, and so are the people we meet ... Some are soft, some are very sweet, some are a bit hard and the rest are just nuts! :D
Chocolate is my drug of choice.
Chocolate Facebook Statuses
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laughter isn't the best medicine, chocolate and friends are :)
Recommendations for a rainy day: Best weather to stay wrapped up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and a piece of chocolate cake! :D
Girls are not complicated. Seriously. How hard is it to say "you're pretty" and give us chocolate?
who needs beer i want chocolate!
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Time to enjoy chocolate. :D :D :D See u in a few days!!!
live every moment like it's your last chance to eat chocolate
This is definitely a moment that requires chocolate.


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