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When a romance hits the buffers with a vengeance, it can be a heartbreaking time. Yet such turmoil does have its upside, believe it or not. Breakup Facebook statuses are an unbeatable conversation starter. Sob story Facebook statuses about breakup details will get those “like” buttons busy, so you should start churning out breakup Facebook statuses when you get the chance!

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Breakup Facebook Statuses
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".My heart and head are fighting, And my head is saying no. But my stupid heart won't listen, And it won't let you go."
With all the lies and hurt you only made me stronger. Ur the loser cause you let a good girl walk out of your life.
One day you'll finally see, your biggest mistake was not loving me.
Wondering: Is it the heart that fools the mind or the mind that fools the heart?
never let one boy break your heart unless your willing to break them in return! :)
i just don't see any point in loving anymore when I'll just be hurt over and over again
i tell myself I'm over u, i tell my friends i hate u now, i tell u i don't care... but if that's true why does my heart race every time i hear Ur name?
When I met you I thought I was in heaven but you put me through hell ?
i feel like i wanna cry every time i think of u... u made me who i am. u hlped me more than u no and i... dnt no what to do now im so confused... i still luv u
Sometimes, even when it seems that the world has given you all the reasons to move on, still you hold on...
Breakup Facebook Statuses
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i smile when i think of u, i frown when i think about us, i cry when i think about the memories we had, i ball my eyes out when i know your not coming back</3
You shouldnt have done what you did. Now you have karma to deal with. And shes a much bigger bitch than me. :)
I wish you'd take me back, it seems like forever ago since we broke up, but I think about you everyday, and I miss you. :( Take me back? </3
If it's truly important, hold onto it and fight for it. If it is not, let it go.
is letting go of the past and moving into the future one step at a time. Its time to move onto new and different things. So why I feel so bad about it?
Ur the only girl for me-LIE
One day you will realise that i was amazing to put up with Ur shit, I'm sure the next person won't!!
when someone tells u that u r the love of there life and u mean everything to them,and then a month later they forget u and run back to there ex. bullshit love.


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