When a romance hits the buffers with a vengeance, it can be a heartbreaking time. Yet such turmoil does have its upside, believe it or not. Breakup Facebook statuses are an unbeatable conversation starter. Sob story Facebook statuses about breakup details will get those “like” buttons busy, so you should start churning out breakup Facebook statuses when you get the chance!

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Breakup Facebook Statuses
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If I am not good for you, then I M SURELY THE BEST FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!
one day he'll wake up and realise how amazing she really was and when that day comes she will be waking up next to the man who already knew :)
ill act like i don't see you, ill act like everything is fine, ill laugh like there is no tomorrow, but in my heart there is still something broken.
They say love is blind.!. Shit knew I should have gone to Spec Savers! :)
in the end we only regret the decisions we waited too long to make
I guess it's gonna have to hurt. I guess I'm gonna have to cry and let go of some things I've loved to get to the other side. It starts with goodbye.
thinks that your hard to forget but your easy to replace
One day you WILL realize you did wrong & you WILL realize what you lost, & by then i won't care anymore
My rear-view mirror has officially fallen off, no more looking back!
Breakup Facebook Statuses
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There are times when I go to sleep and dream of what we had, then I wake up and realize that I just want to slap the shit out of you.
"I cant tell you that its not gonna hurt and I cant tell you that I wont cry but I promise you that I'll be OK and I will survive"
When I want nobody to know..
yea i plan to forgive and forget, forgive myself for being and idiot for thinking it was real and to forget u!
You don't get to choose when or with whom you fall in love. At least be glad you can choose where to hide the body when it's over. ~ Anonymous
WTF? Was I drunk for our whole relationship? Seriously, why did I stay with you?
Relationships are like a warm shower... at first it's warm and cozy, then all the hot water runs out and you got nothin but coldness surrounding you :/
I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Just so happens i was thinking of you at the time. Coincidence? I think not =)

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