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Facebook Statuses About Boys
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GOOD BOYS are found in every corner of the earth, but unfortunately, the earth has no corners. :)
IT DOesn'T mATTer If I sEE yOUR nAme Or sEE youR FAcE...mY HeaRT sTiLL SkiPPs a bEaT<3
I want you to hug me when we are together, I want you to hold me always and forever.
Boys will be boys but they don't have to treat you like SHIT!!! you broke my heart now ill break yours, REVENGE! <3 x
I'm a flirt and proud of it! :)
we talk lot..we laugh Lot..we're both single..are you gonna ask me out or what? u cant expect me to ask you out, man..IM THE GIRL!
-- I wish I could tell you how i feel and you not laugh at me, reject me, and tell your friends.
Whenever you see that person anytime unexpectedly you try not to smile and giggle and you can't stop thinking about them for the rest of the day
My heart is saying ~ u stupid idiot they has had is second chance they will hurt u again but my head is saying ~ u love them and u can start again !!!
Waited a while. But I'm not waiting around anymore. I'm gonna live and when you decide you want it back.. ask and I'll let you know. But for now I'm moving on
Facebook Statuses About Boys
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All the hot guys are jerks, all the nice guys are ugly, and all the cute guys are is a girl to go on with life?
I may not have the prettiest face, or the biggest boobs. But baby, one day you'll regret what you did to me, broke my heart! </3
Nice guys are found at every corner of the earth,a shame the earth is round
says that boys are like roses, you've got to look out for the pricks
So if you haven't guessed yet this little smile on my face is all because of you :D
WANTED: boy who can make me laugh when I'm sad and calls me beautiful when i look and feel like crap.
Next time you want to break something, don't let it be my heart.
I don't want a boy in hollister and flip flops, I want a MAN in wranglers and red wings (:

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