Facebook Statuses About Boys

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Facebook Statuses About Boys
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I wish I could find a guy that isn't like all the rest. Someone who will love me no matter what, and someone who wont cheat on me. I wish there was such a guy.
Im clumsy, shy, if u make me mad im nt scared to tell u...u hurt me i wont tell u but u better make damn sure ur ready to take on the people i do tell.
I look at you You look at me I smile You do i look i could just die for <3
If you like me please just tell me, because I might like you and be going crazy waiting for you to say you like me!!!
comment if you exist <3
Daddy's Princess goes on a date... Comes back and daddy has a shotgun and wants to talk with your date
Boy: Shes mad hot! Girl: No shes not, shes a slut there's a difference .
Why is it when i move on you have to come along and pull me in again?
What am I..? I like to hurt you, Play with you're heart, Make you cry, Make you smile, Lie to you...Do you know yet..Come on guess..I'm a boy.
we are friends but u make me feel special and make me smile.
Facebook Statuses About Boys
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i have to admit i was a little jealous... until i seen what they looked like!
You have trouble written all over you. I think that's why I just can't resist.
Wishes they could say what they thinking, but sadly, if they said what they was thinking, it would make absolutely no sense.
I'm slowly giving up on you, but for good this time...this is your last chance, and the opportunity will not last long. My childhood dream was just a fantasy :(
I see ur text I smile so big I want to tell u I like you but everytime I type it I think of the pain of rejection and I dont think I can handle it once more...
i hate that whenever your name lights up on my phone i fall a Lil bit harder but whenever my name comes up on Ur phone I'm just another girl u talk to...
You can't miss what you never had...yeah right. </3
boys will come and go but the right one will never let you go and always want you back <3


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