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Facebook Statuses About Boys
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Every time I think of you I get this cheesy smile :)
On New Years Eve i want you to kiss me t 11:59 and don't stop kissing me until 12:01, that way ill have the perfect and an amazing beginning=) <3
Sometimes i think to myself why do boys always stuff you around and so shit but they don't do it in the end I'm over it <3
your heart tells you yes, but you have to listen to your brain that tells you no.
thinks: why can't boys be like volleyball? You call "MINE" and everyone else backs off!
fuck you you stupid prick!
Behind every girl, is some gay ass guy, who put their through a bunch of bullshit, and made their who they is today..
i really wanna move on, my heart says i don't like you, but yet i cant let go...
if my heart skipped a beat ever time i thought of you id be flat lined cuz Ur always on my mind <3
Friends are there when you get knocked down and help pick you back up. Best friends are there and say "stay down, I got this."
Facebook Statuses About Boys
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when i see u my heart beats faster, my cheeks turn red, and my thoughts become unclear. all i think is do u feel this way? could you? will you? :) u2665
I stopped talking to you because i was to scared to get close to you.
I wonder if you know that every time someone mentions your name I immediately start searching for you.
when i feel my phone vibrate i wish its u but when its not i am half way crying i miss u and love u and i don't know how to tell u when i am just Ur friend.
I think to myself boys are like robots, they have one thing program in them SEX.
Why is life so complicated now? Life was much easier when boys had cooties
When I see U I look away. When you wrap your arms around me I smile. When its just us I feel relaxed. When I'm with you I just know I'm the happiest girl EVER!!
Time 4 truth... in 2 words tell me wot u think of me... comment below :)


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