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Facebook Statuses About Boys
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That boy is hot enough to melt hell, and burn Satan too :) <3
country boys will take care of you in dangerous situations and city boys will scream and run
everyday i fight the urge to text you or call you because i know that if you wanted anything to do with me you would have done that already
Memories come flooding back,your smile,your laugh,your touch. It brings a smile to my face,A tear to my eye,And an ache to my heart
when i see u with other girls i feel like i lost the best part of my life.the sad part is you were never truly mine
Your that boy I'll never get over. never want to get over and never try to get over..
i have a feeling that you like me but i don't wanna risk the awesome friendship i guess just being friends is better than nothing... rite?
my weak spot is getting tickled on my sides.. no its not its getting smacked in the balls you idiot!
look at the U and the I on the keyboard there together look underneath it says jk it feels like you do that to me everyday
Facebook Statuses About Boys
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its amazing no matter how upset i am all you have to do is smile at me and i forget what has been making me so sad
Friends laugh with u, talk with u,hug with u,hang out with u,make jokes with u, and much more but boys hurt you and that's when super friend kicks in
why is it whenever your alone with a boy there one of the nicest people in the world but when there with their mates the treat you like shit -.-
Boys may be stupid.. But they can be some pretty great friends :)
Do you know why boys are not allowed to play with dolls? Like barbies? It's so they learn at a young age, that girls are not toys, to be played.
lately i have been confused i don't remember Wat's up or Wat's down Wat's right and Wat's wrong but there is one thing i am sure of and its that i like you
If my heart skipped a beat every time i thought of you, my heart would stop and i would be dead , cause you are always on my mind! :)
'you are the best thing that's ever been mine' -- except you're not mine.

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