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Facebook Statuses About Boys
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i guess its time that i get over you...u have a girlfriend and it doesn't seem like u want to change that...i need to move on so i dont miss something great...
Call me a bitch, your bitch, I don't care. Slap me across the face, you'll pay. No matter what, I'm better than you. Suck THAT boys!
Nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, and nice hot guys are gay...
The more guys I meet just makes me love my DOG that much more!
guy says ''i love you'' girl sneezes and says ''oh I'm sorry I'm allergic to lies''
but for some strange reason
I love the fact that we are so close <3 , But I hate the fact that we are so far away :(
I know where I belong, in your arms and in your heart. But you believe I belong in their arms and in their heart. :(
You think i have a great smile, you should see my smile when i get a text from you. :)
Like this if u wanna kiss me!
Facebook Statuses About Boys
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boys...cute, nice, awesome, idiots
Isn't it ironic how we Hurt the ones who love us and Love the ones who hurt us..
I am okay without you.. it just hurts every now and then when my mind replays all the awesome times we had together.. <3
able to make me laugh
I love you but do you love me ... if you do tell me you might never get the chance to ... but here it is , I love you!<3
I want a guy who tells me they love me when my world is falling apart. A guy who understands I'm not a normal girl, but thinks I'm special. </3 </3
it makes me laugh how a lad can go from 'loving' you sooo much, to ignoring you. wtf? then talkin to their ex's like they done nowt wrong, HAHA! joke friend.
saying "we can still be friends" is like your mom telling you, "even though your dog is dead, you can still keep them."


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