Facebook Statuses About Boys

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Facebook Statuses About Boys
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Is thinking about the person who makes their laugh, smile, and feel special. If you thought of someone.. Like This. . .
Don't you just love it when you catch someone cute staring at you and you just sit there smiling at each other!<3
I'm going to be blunt about this: I really like you. More than I should. I want u to feel the same. Okay? there. u can go back to not noticing me now...
i like you and you said u liked me but then you push me away and wont talk to me i don't get it
When I see U I look away. When you wrap your arms around me I smile. When its just us I feel relaxed. When I'm with you I just know I'm the happiest girl EVER!!
Love those who love U. hate those who hate U -J£
How come when ever I look into your eyes my heart melts, and when I see you smile I lose my train of thought??
"Um...hi." Translation: "Can't you see that I'm crushing over you big time?!"
When a boy says "suck my dick" just say "i can't because i am not aloud to put small plastic thing in my mouth" :)
I don't know what to do. You used to always text and talk to me, and what now you just suddenly stop liking me and ignoring me.. whats up with that..?
Facebook Statuses About Boys
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i could kiss a million guys and it still wouldn't mean as much as holding your hand
y do relationships always fuck up friendships? xx
Boys - next time you disrespect a woman, think about how you'd feel if they were your sister, mother or daughter and you saw someone else treat them that way!
i like you,but i don't want to mess up an awesome friendship
You told me you liked me and i told you i liked you my question is why we still are not together?
I do like you but I'm trying to get over you because i know you don't feel the same way about me .. your just not worth it :(
You know, I'm not always gonna be here...Make up your Mind, your confusing me!
If a guy calls you cute, their looking at your face, if a guy calls you


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