Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends

Let’s face it, posting bad stuff about your boyfriend will always get a significant reaction on Facebook, so boyfriend facebook statuses are an extremely effective method of getting activity on your timeline. If you say something insulting in your boyfriend facebook statuses, you may get into trouble, but the trick is to post positive and negative boyfriend facebook statuses in equal measure.

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Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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Every day that goes by it seems like i discover something new about you to love, its incredible to me how one person can make such a difference in my life..
That moment when a guy kisses the top of your hand, like a gentleman. It makes you feel like you're special <3
is pulling up a chair,grabbing a margarita and watching karma kick your ass.idiot
You know you have a good boyfriend when they will shoot whatever wants to harm you. That's how you know they's yours. and they's fucking COUNTRY! I LOVE YOU HUN!
yup, i know i am a flirt... and your boyfriend likes it ;)
i used to want prince charming but then i found a country boy! : )
when i first met you i never thought we would end up together but I'm glad we did!! <3
GF:hey honey how r u BF:good u should see my car (keeps talking) GF:(puts fone down 5 mins later picks it up) BF: and its a 5 speed!! :D
Sometimes you wonder if rubber ducks come alive and say, "We saw your boyfriend naked, jealous?"
Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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Fine men can open your eyes, smart men can open your mind but only a sweet one can open your heart.
you are my everything and 4eva x
You poke me. You make fun of me. You play with me. You pick on me. Sometimes you're mean to me. But then you do that thing where you kiss me & all is forgiven<3
i can't seem to get you out of my head..does that mean u can't get me out of your head? :)
~Definition of perfect: every moment I'm with you <3 ~
's good mood is brought to you by their boyfriend! I'm such a lucky girl!
loves when Ur boyfriend has sex will someone Else
I love how the simple things you do make me feel loved :)


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