Let’s face it, posting bad stuff about your boyfriend will always get a significant reaction on Facebook, so boyfriend facebook statuses are an extremely effective method of getting activity on your timeline. If you say something insulting in your boyfriend facebook statuses, you may get into trouble, but the trick is to post positive and negative boyfriend facebook statuses in equal measure.

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Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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I wrote your name on my hand but i washed it the next day, wrote your name on paper but i threw it away, I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay!
Why does life sound so boring o ya its not me its MY BOYFRIEND!LOL
I don't care if my friends don't want us to be together, if they feel that way then their not good friends. Your everything to me.. I LOVE YOU
when im wiv u i dont want to leave u when ur gone i feel so empty when i see u walkin away i want to run up to u and never let u go babe u mean everything xx <3
Wants a guy who's hot, smells good, well dressed, funny and loves shopping. But I know that wont ever happen, because guys like that already have BOYFRIENDS!
when your sitting there quiet I always wonder what"s on your mind because the only thing on my mind is you
You're the kinda guy who I fall for easy (:
has the fantastic family, a gr8 life and, to top it all off, i have the most amazing boyfriend ever :) what more could a girl wish for? :) xxxx
~!Baby all I need in this world is you. The only person I want to love is you. Ur the only one that makes me smile when I need to. ILY! Ur AMAZING! :)
Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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If boys say bros before hoes girls must say chics b4 dics!
Just spent ages looking 4 a status 2 describe how much I love you but then I realised no words will ever describe how much I do.. <3 I Love You So Much xxx <3
<3 Become friends, become best friends, tell them you never wanna be without them, then become more then friends. This is when real love begins. <3
I smile when I'm around my friends, I smile with my family. But the truest smile I ever give, is the one that shows when I think of you.<3
Love is when you would throw away everything you have just to be by their side and feeling like your soul is ripping apart when you are not.
You make me the happiest I have ever been and with each passing day you consume my mind more and more then I thought possible
just when i think i can't love you anymore... you do something totally crazy and i fall for you all over again!
thinks that Facebook would make a perfect boyfriend. It always wants to know what's on your mind, it's never busy, and anytime you want to you can turn it off!

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