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Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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you may never understand how much you mean to me and how important you are in my heart . i love you ! (:
look me in the heart and tell me you won't go. look me in the eye and tell me that no love is like our love. <3
My knight in shining armor has tattoos and piercings.
even tho when we first met my mind ddnt recognize u my soul did n it kicked my brains ass till it told my heart 2 luv u...my soul is pretty freakin smart!! <3
you may have said you love me...but my new boyfriend actually shows it. :)
I'm in love with the best guy in the world! <3 Who can be more lucky??
Sweet guys are an endangered species.
when i see you my heart skips a beat, and i think to myself my heart smiles the most when I'm with you! just want you to know, you mean the world to me:)
seeing your text or hearing your voice is ok but i just really want to be with you instead
Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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when you find the guy who stole your heart there's nobody else in sight
Baby I love you i never want to let you go the more i think about the more i want to letyou know that everything you do is super fucking cute and icant stand it
you want to know my problem?i love you i love your name i love the way u look at me i love your gorgeous smile you brighten my day that's my problem...
she wanted a knight in shining armor all she got was a dork in tin foil, he wanted a princess all he got was a bitch in a straight jacket... I L Y my dork
I you love me, love me for who i am nothing else
there was a time in my life when i was done with love or anything else to do with a future with a man then i looked in your eyes. I haven't looked away since!
boyfriends are bitches they will always break Ur heart wanna get back at them here's what u need an axe a rope duck tape and a shovel
To The Best Boyfriend EVER: I Love You, you mean the world to me. we together for ever! I DONT care what other people think I Love You-xx Never Gonna Change <3

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