Let’s face it, posting bad stuff about your boyfriend will always get a significant reaction on Facebook, so boyfriend facebook statuses are an extremely effective method of getting activity on your timeline. If you say something insulting in your boyfriend facebook statuses, you may get into trouble, but the trick is to post positive and negative boyfriend facebook statuses in equal measure.

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Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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When I say " I love you".. I don't say it out of habit, I say it cuz I could never imagine my life without you
I smile at the thought of you, giggle when someone says your name, and blush when I walk past you. I think I'm in love. <3
You chose me over all the other pretty girls!!! and I asked why and you said cause "You're not like them other girls". that's why I Love You so much baby!
<3I love how we hold hand's. But most importantly I love the way you made my life better with one simple little question. "Will you go out with me?" <3
For the record, you never actually won my heart... you stole it.
Until I met you my heart was in pieces from all the mistakes before you, thank you for putting it back together
is wishing that they could get just 1 wish to come true. That wish would be 2 be with u <3
Today I had an x-ray, they found you in my heart. They couldn't take you out cuz without you i would die. Now I guess I am stuck with you :-)
When things are going downhill and I'm getting so caught up in all of the shit going on, all I have to do is turn to you and all of it goes away.I love you babe
I can't help but wonder where I'd be if you weren't in my life...
Facebook Statuses About Boyfriends
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Funny how your friends of the opposite sex stop talking to you when they realize they wont get "Benefits" from it..
I Love My Crazy, Amazin, Sometimes Stupid, Annoyin,Camouflage wearin, Muddy Boyfriend! Your The LOVE of my Life and I don't know what i would do without you <3
you're the one i want to be with forever. only you can see everything of who i am and love me for it. i love you babe <3
A world without you is like a rainbow without colours. <3
I didn't know whether i should give up or keep looking... i'm so glad i kept looking cuz i finally found u <3
; thinks that no matter the distance, if two hearts connect, they're with each other for eternity. [ i love you. ] <3
every1 says they can't find the perfect guy who is smart, funny, cool, sexy & kind--they just weren't looking hard enough cause i found one right under my nose.
My heart beats faster when i get a text, cuz i think its from you, but when its not my heart beats slower. If only you knew... the way i fell for you <3

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