Bored Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling bored and irritable, posting something on Facebook could kick start a change of mood. Why not try bored facebook statuses? The trick is to get a response from friends and family, so just saying you are bored is not enough in most cases. Effective bored facebook statuses must engage the reader, and our facebook statuses about being bored are designed to get a reaction.

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Bored Facebook Statuses
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is bored, tell me a secret below. I won't tell anyone, I promise.
when sex life is finally boring...
I'm die from a disease called>>"Boredom"<<this a pretty known disease =)
I'm bored and you're bored too, cuz you're probably sitting there with your face to the computer reading my pointless status...yeah, that's how bored u are!
is bored *looks over at large pile of laundry needing to be put away* but not THAT bored.
There is nothing much to do in this little town i live in :(
I know you're reading this... stop reading every status I post!!! It's like you're stalking me!!! STOP IT!!! GO AWAY!!!
unexpectedly has free time and that will surely lead to trouble!
is as bored as a blind guy on a nudist beach my name & I am a Facebookaholic
Bored Facebook Statuses
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I Came On Facebook To Stop My Boredom ... IT DIDN'T WORK
So bored of being bored because being bored is so boring !!
Is in need of some ENTERTAINMENT!!
wants to throw on a hoody 2 sizes too big, make a warm (not to hot) hot chocolate, open a pack of yummy biscuits and then do absolutely nothing.
Would so appreciate it if someone would do something to amuse me.
5..4..3..2..1..times up! the answer is..i don't know!! :D
does anyone know where i can get this thing... i think it's called a life... do i need to buy one or do they give them out somewhere???
is bored...Save me.......


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