Bored Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling bored and irritable, posting something on Facebook could kick start a change of mood. Why not try bored facebook statuses? The trick is to get a response from friends and family, so just saying you are bored is not enough in most cases. Effective bored facebook statuses must engage the reader, and our facebook statuses about being bored are designed to get a reaction.

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Bored Facebook Statuses
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thinks it's a good thing people don't die from boredom. I'd been dead hours ago.
knows they's bored when they has thoughts of what the cat would look like shaved !!
why do we go on Facebook when we get bored, log off cause its boring, then log back on cause its even more boring!!! lol
is as bored as a Nun on National sex day!
Is bored.. Suggestions below please..
is bored so u might see quite a few posts from Status Shuffle!!!
i have nothing else to wright on here so. lol choose one letter from the alphabet and descibe me?
its Friday night && there is nothing to do. whoop-De-freaking-do -_-
GAME TIME! using every letter in my first name how would you explain me? Example: John J=Jumpy O=Oblivious H=Hyper N=Normal
's status is currently under construction.. Updates are pending.. Providing I can actually think of one before I die of boredom.. :D
Bored Facebook Statuses
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You know I'm bored when all you see is status shuffles on my wall.
NOTE TO SELF: Don't ever do something stupid like fart in silence..!
If you're reading this status u must be bored. If you are bored comment the most random thing you can think of ...Come on people, entertain me! :P
You know you are stressed when you get on your own nerves! I sent myself to my room & dared myself to come out until I say I can come out! Yep,I'm stressed!
.derob yrev eb tsum uoY
Sometimes I am so bored, I go on Status Shuffle just to find something to laugh at. It works for a few minutes, then i get bored of pushing the shuffle button
Send me a message of something you have always wanted to tell me but haven't been able to. Or just send me a message to say your thinking about me..ready... GO
is as bored as a fat kid in willy wonkers chocolate factory wearing a straight jacket


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