Bored Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling bored and irritable, posting something on Facebook could kick start a change of mood. Why not try bored facebook statuses? The trick is to get a response from friends and family, so just saying you are bored is not enough in most cases. Effective bored facebook statuses must engage the reader, and our facebook statuses about being bored are designed to get a reaction.

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Bored Facebook Statuses
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Has been looking for something to do all night, but somehow always ends up right back on Facebook with nothing to do but refresh the page for new posts.
I fucking love you. so fucking much. too bad you left me
I'm as bored as a midget in a theme park...
is bored...I think I will put on my Grim Reaper costume and then slowly knock on the windows of a Nursing Home! lol
is so bored, but too lazy to do anything about it
If you wanna kiss me 'click like' , if you wanna hug me 'put a smiley face' , if you love me 'put a heart' , if you hate me 'put an angry face'
is very, absolutely, acutely, amply, astonishingly, awfully, excessively, extremely, incredibly, largely, positively, surprisingly, terribly, vastly bored =|
OK, so tell me, what is the sexiest thing about me? Answer 1st, then repost this so I can tell you. Ready? Go!
I like to use the second half of my day to reflect on how I've accomplished nothing during the first half of my day. staring at their screen...impatiently waiting for someone interesting to come online and entertain friggin bored..come on..entertain me damn it!! LOL
Bored Facebook Statuses
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hold your tongue and say I was born on a Pirate Ship... Listen to yourself carefully and what do you hear
wonders whether the alphabet song goes to the rhythm of twinkle twinkle little star? abcdefg hijklmnop qrstuv wxyz i bet now your all singing both of the songs
fucked off and bored
U go on Facebook 2 see whats happening, u get bored and play stupid games, u get bored with that and answer stupid questions, then u get bored and read statuses
is just staring at their computer screen waiting for someone to update their status... c'mon people I'm BORED!!
has anybody noticed wtf could mean Wednesday Thursday Friday? they take the longest for the weekend. curse u wtf!!!
Is ...................ummmmmm, ........ nope, I've got nothing, ....... sigh
stare at this and figure it out... don't forget to time yourself...emit ruoy detsaw tsuj i ahah...soo how long did it take you comment and tell me!


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