When you are feeling bored and irritable, posting something on Facebook could kick start a change of mood. Why not try bored facebook statuses? The trick is to get a response from friends and family, so just saying you are bored is not enough in most cases. Effective bored facebook statuses must engage the reader, and our facebook statuses about being bored are designed to get a reaction.

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Bored Facebook Statuses
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is so bored shes considering covering their arse in talcum powder and watching their farts in the mirror....yes really!!!!
Facebook isn't a waste of time, it's important, it um, let's me, um, yeah OK it's a waste of time but you do it too!
is as bored as a nun in a whore house!!
is home alone and totally bored
Is bored.. Suggestions below please..
i have nothing else to wright on here so. lol choose one letter from the alphabet and descibe me?
I'm bored so lets have EVERYONE that looks at this status ( yes that means you ) comment and write the most random thing you can think of right now ok. . GO!
bored of being bored cos being bored is boring :(
It wasn't me unless it was good then I did it two times
I'm bored. Time to throw couch cushions on the floor and pretend they are the only thing that will keep me from touching the lava (floor).
Bored Facebook Statuses
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Says, you know your bored when you keep looking at random status on status shuffle
feels like sticking their finger in the electrical socket just to make their day more exciting...anyone with me??
Is as bored as a blind dog playing fetch
Is so Bored of being bored because being bored is so boring!! Oh who wants to play a BORED game? Anyone? Whoops already playing it!! Did i mention i was bored?
is bored, so I think I am gonna go dress up as the Grim Reaper and knock on the doors and windows at the local nursing home and retirement home. Be back later!
ah ah i tsuj detsaw a tol fo ruoy emit. read and stare at it until you get it... it will... eventually... just wait...
Sometimes the thoughts in my head get bored and go for a stroll out through my mouth.
is as bored as a midget in a theme park..

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