Bored Facebook Statuses

When you are feeling bored and irritable, posting something on Facebook could kick start a change of mood. Why not try bored facebook statuses? The trick is to get a response from friends and family, so just saying you are bored is not enough in most cases. Effective bored facebook statuses must engage the reader, and our facebook statuses about being bored are designed to get a reaction.

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Bored Facebook Statuses
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believes that everything happens for a don't have regrets... coz without the bad things, you wouldn't be the strong person you are today x
bored bored bored bored bored bored waaaaaiiiiit, nope, still bored :
Is VERY B to the O to the R to the E to the D! :P (If for some reason you cannot see what that spells, it spells BORED!) :D
My day has been about as exciting as watching a battery charge !!
It's Friday and night and I'm stuck sitting at home BORED out of my mind :(
get on an air plane and start screaming Hijack and when everyone panics just say what? I thought I seen my friend Jack!
If you're not just a bit crazy.. you're boring! Live life.. be Crazy.. why the hell not, you're only gonna end up crazy when you get old anyway!
Why is it, when I am busy doing something, people either text me, call me, or message me, but when I am bored, nothing.
is bored of being bored , as being bored is getting boring !!
i' m so bored i' m going to get in my car and park on the side of the road and point my hairdryer at cars and see how many people slow down !!! LOL
Bored Facebook Statuses
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is sure that your not aware that you can't say... IRISH WRISTWATCH! Did you try it? I told you
Is as bored as a blind man watching a silent movie god i need something to do
your name is squishy! you shall be mine! you shall be my squishy! NO! BAD SQUISHY BAD!!!
Tell me the most random thing (the first one that comes to your mind) and post it below
Facebook isn't a waste of time, it's important, it um, let's me, um, yeah OK it's a waste of time but you do it too!
is home alone and totally bored
is as bored as a nun in a whore house!!
Is bored.. Suggestions below please..


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