Facebook Statuses About Blondes

They do say that blondes have more fun, so posting some blonde facebook statuses could be a way to boost your social networking profile. It is well known that, to be a success on Facebook, you must grab people’s attention, so why not try blonde facebook statuses? We have quite a lot of blonde facebook statuses here, so it should be easy enough to find the right one.

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a Burnett looks at a blond and says look at that dog with one eye the blond covers one of their eyes and says where where
is fascinated at what pressing ctrl + w does, go on try it, its so cooool x x x
a blond was on a island and had to swim 100 miles to get to shore they got 50 miles into the sea and was too tried and swam back to the island
I have my own world that nobody else can see that has colorful monkeys, spotted giraffes, talking cookies and walls, dogs that meow, and smart blonde's. weird.
I looked over at the fish tank and poked it. All the fish swam away! They don't know me and they already hate me. So I scream "I HOPE YOU DROWN IN THAT WATER!!"
if a blond and a brunette fell off a building who would hit the ground first? The brunette-the blond would have to stop for directions
~A blonde was watching the news.The reporter said that 9 Brazillian men had died.Then the blonde said, "HOW MANY IS A BRAZILLIAN?!" Like this if you get it.~
Boy: Why do you want someone to date you?
I don't have blond moments, I have brown-hair moments...which are Way cooler!
How do you know your friend's a blond? Stick them in a round room and tell them to find a corner.
Read each sentence. This dog. Is dog. How dog. To dog. Keep dog. A dog. Blonde dog. Busy dog. For dog. Three dog. Minutes dog. Read the first word in each sen.
dares you to post your biggest blonde moment below.
Gunshots in the mirror
Do you know why blonde jokes are so dumb? So redheads and brunetts can understand them too!
one day i looked in the mirror and said i didn't know i had a twin!
two blonds were walking in the park then then one blond says ooh look a dead bird then the other one looks up and says where?
Three Blondie's hide in potato sacks from the cops. One cop hit a sack and heard a meow and another made a woof sound. Then the last Blondie said POTATO!
Q: How do you confuse a blond? A: Put their in a circle room and tell their to find their a corner. Q: How does a blond confuse you? A: they tells you they did it.


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