Facebook Statuses About Blondes

They do say that blondes have more fun, so posting some blonde facebook statuses could be a way to boost your social networking profile. It is well known that, to be a success on Facebook, you must grab people’s attention, so why not try blonde facebook statuses? We have quite a lot of blonde facebook statuses here, so it should be easy enough to find the right one.

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A blonde and a brunette were walking down the street, the Brunette looked down and said" Aw, a dead bird." the blonde looked up and said"Where?"
How come Facebook isn't really a book?
What did the blonde say when they looked into the box of Cheerios? "OH LOOK!!! doughnut seeds."
I don't have BLONDE moments, I have BRUNETTE moments...which are wayy cooler!!
"No, I'm fishing for birds."
loves the new M&M's --they now have W's on them--Yay!
Blondie:Mom mom I'm so smart that i put this puzzle together in 2 weeks.Mom: why r u smart? Blondie: cause the box says 4-7 years. Mom: honey that's the age!!!
k so who wants to go with me and sit in the middle of the road wrapped in bubble wrap and keep on screaming.. THE PURPLE MONKEYS ARE GOING TO GET ME!?
blonde:what type soccer or football
is MAD because their computer keeps telling their they's got mail but when they checks their mailbox its empty!!
one way to tell if your friend is a true blond...lock them in a circle shaped room and say go find a corner.
Blond: Excuse me Sir, How much for this Television. Store manager: Ma'am that's a toaster.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
I'm blond, smart and beautiful that's a triple threat right there
Me: laaahoouuuueaaauu ,aaahhmmuaaluuuuhaa
Q: How do you get a blonde into a pool? A: Put a mirror at the bottom... they'll try to save themself.(:
set this as your status if you had a bad blond moment
Blonde: "What does STFU stand for? Brunette: "Shut The Fuck Up!" Blonde: " OKAY! Sheeez! I was just asking! "


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