Facebook Statuses About Blondes

They do say that blondes have more fun, so posting some blonde facebook statuses could be a way to boost your social networking profile. It is well known that, to be a success on Facebook, you must grab people’s attention, so why not try blonde facebook statuses? We have quite a lot of blonde facebook statuses here, so it should be easy enough to find the right one.

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Facebook Statuses About Blondes
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I'm SO the blondest brunette person you will EVER meet.
If a blond and a brunette jumped off a bridge, who would land first? The brunette, because the blond would have to stop and ask for directions
a blond slaps a brunette.the brunette says "ooow! why did u slap me?" .the blond says:"i didn't slap u i high fived you in the face!"
If i got 1 cent for every blond moment i had, i would be a billionaire by now
My way of making a chocolate chip is adding a piece of chocolate to a chocolate chip! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. hmmmmm why can i only hear laughter in my head?
<= = = = = = =omg how do they kno my name!!!
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wait what ?
( D.B ) means dumb blond only blonds should no that :P hahaha
Sometimes I wish I was blonde so I would have an excuse for those "special" moments.
is wrapping a...Wait! what was i saying? I forgot-ted! :(
Facebook Statuses About Blondes
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You know when your a blond when u cant find your phone and your looking everywhere and its in your hand!
What letter comes after T in the alphabet? How many of you just said the alphabet in your head?
well i might be brown haired but i have more Blondie moments then anyone in my family .
A brunette is jumping yellow lines on a road saying "51,51,51". a blond walks up & joins. A car hits the blond. the brunette continues saying "52,52,52"
looked at a blonde and asked, "why do you keep checking your mail box??" blonde- "my computer keeps saying that I have mail, but when I check it's not there!"
Fuck you fucking mom I'm gonna fucking fuck you fucking 2morrow fucking night on ur fucking fucked up balcony 2 our fucked up dog
A man and a blond r in a room Blond:TGIF Man:SHIT Blond:TGIF Man:SHIT Blond:TGIF means Thank goodness its Friday Man:SHIT means Sorry honey its Thursday!!
Is the type of girl that when they sends a message with LOL in it they is really laughing out loud!!


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