Facebook Statuses About Blondes

They do say that blondes have more fun, so posting some blonde facebook statuses could be a way to boost your social networking profile. It is well known that, to be a success on Facebook, you must grab people’s attention, so why not try blonde facebook statuses? We have quite a lot of blonde facebook statuses here, so it should be easy enough to find the right one.

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Facebook Statuses About Blondes
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Brunette and a blond driving down a neighborhood the brunette: Hey look outside and tell me if my blinker is working Blond: OK! *looks outside* "yes no yes"
The dumb blond cause the other 2 don't exist ;) x
is not a dumb blond. However I embrace the stereotype, I can get away with soooooooo much more :)
the blonde responds: 6 please. i could never eat 12.
so...i don't really have blond moments, it's more of a blond life :)
Brunette:I'M GOING TO MARS! Brown:I'LL GO TO VENUS! Blondie: I'LL GO TO THE SUN! Brunette:But you will burn! Blondie:Don't be stupid, I'll go at night
there's a Blondie and a brunette, the brunette says 'look there's a dead bird' and the Blondie looks up
falls up stairs, runs into parked cars, runs into things and says sorry, trips over nothing, hears something when its really nothing, and falls off the bed XD
four red heads and a blond went swimming at the beach.While swimming someone yelled "SHARK, SWIM FOR IT"the blond did...bye bye Blondy
is a blond but still thinks Blond Jokes are hilarious! =]
Facebook Statuses About Blondes
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i HATE when i go to a public place and push the door that says pull!
blond: what does N.O.Y.B mean ? brunette: none of your business blond: you don't have to be mean i was just asking a question
a Blondie falls and says hey i did not fall i tackled the ground...i think i won :)
blond: I think i know who Santa is. red head: this should be good who. blond: everybody would be one if people worked at it and gave help to other.
yes, i still sing the whole alphabet when i want 2 know what letter comes after W, no I'm not ashamed of it
You know your blonde when your sitting in your driver's seat with the car started and the radio on and your digging through your purse to find your car keys..
OMG! I LOST MY SUNGLASSES! here hold them while i go look for them (2 secs later) HEY! U THIEF U STOLE MY SUNGLASSES!


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