Facebook Statuses About Blondes

They do say that blondes have more fun, so posting some blonde facebook statuses could be a way to boost your social networking profile. It is well known that, to be a success on Facebook, you must grab people’s attention, so why not try blonde facebook statuses? We have quite a lot of blonde facebook statuses here, so it should be easy enough to find the right one.

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Facebook Statuses About Blondes
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A blonde text me saying:"Wat does BBL mean?"I replied."Be Back Later."Minute later I receive another text."You best be,I wanna know what this means!"
Tripped over a cordless phone
A Blonde walks into the dry cleaners to drop of a shirt.The owner says..Come again.The blonde turns around and says..No its toothpaste this time you nosy bitch!
The Blondi hears the ice cream truck and says: ME!
none because none of them exist
shh do not disturb me I am staring at this carton of orange juice cause it says concentrate...
Thinks the world will NOT end in 2012. How? you ask simple, the return date on the packet of trail mix says "sell by 2014"
Having waaaaay too many blond moments for someone whose blond came from a box
Doesn't know why blonds get offended by blond jokes, because if they understand the blond joke, it obviously doesn't apply to them.
If it pops into my head, chances are it's coming out of my mouth..without my dizzy blonde moments i wouldn't be me :) X
Facebook Statuses About Blondes
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is blonde. What's your excuse?
If i got payed 1 dollar every time i had a blond moment. I could have over a thousand bucks.
is brunette but has lots of blond moments...beware!
A blonde was asked what the capital of California was. "That's easy,"they said. "Its a C."
Why don't blonde's use vibrators because it chips their teeth! And I thought they had more fun!
NOTE TO SELF: don't get distracted by... ooh shiny!
A brunette sees a blonde crawling on the floor. Brunette: What are you looking for? Blonde: My sister told me I lost my mind.
you know what is really funny, when you tell a blond a blond joke and they don't get it.


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