Bitchy Facebook Statuses

Without question, bitchy facebook statuses are a great way of making an impact. In the social networking world, to be saintly is also to be boring. Bitchy facebook statuses might annoy some people but plenty of others find them entertaining, so you will win in the long run. We have a huge number of bitchy facebook statuses to choose from here.

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Bitchy Facebook Statuses
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'Cause I'm bitchy? God has no love for the bitchy?
Okay, Put your hand to your heart. Count to 3. 1, 2, 3. Look in your hand. That's all the fuck I give.
Never forget what people say when they're mad, cuz that's when the truth comes out ... unless they're really drunk ... oh nope its STILL the truth!!
One day you will learn that you can't keep walking all over people and expect them to keep coming back for more, and that day may come sooner than you think
OMG here is some toilet paper to wipe your face, obviously you've been dribbling shit again!!!
I haven't changed. I'm still the same bitch that I've always been but I've learned to bitch better than the bitch I was back then!
If being a BITCH, means telling it like it is..Then yes I'm a BITCH,
bitch you ain't special...your special needs.ho
What is the point if middle names?Ill tell you its so that your mom can call you by your full name so the entire neighbourhood knows your in trouble!!!
Baa Baa Big balls Ave You Any Sperm? Yes Mam Yes Mam 2 Balls Firm.. None 4 The Girlfriend.,No ne For The Ex. Only For D dirty Slut Readin This Text
Bitchy Facebook Statuses
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life is a bitch then u marry one then you have kids then u die
You know what? You're just mad because someone told the truth and gave you a dose of reality!!
Excuse me? Did u say something? I'm sorry all I hear coming out of your mouth is blah blah blah I'm a dirty slut.
y do people act innocent when an adults around then go and be bitch's right after they leave. TWO FACED BITCH'S! God
Thinks someone has moody bitch syndrome!
Some people just need to shut up before I smash their face into a brick wall!! Have a nice day..
I'm a Harsh Bitch so what
OMG your not in our lives anymore, but who will my kids go to when they need to learn how to dance on poles, and get directions to the welfare office. LOL


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