Bitchy Facebook Statuses

Without question, bitchy facebook statuses are a great way of making an impact. In the social networking world, to be saintly is also to be boring. Bitchy facebook statuses might annoy some people but plenty of others find them entertaining, so you will win in the long run. We have a huge number of bitchy facebook statuses to choose from here.

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You can't stand me? than sit down. You can't face me ?than turn around, you don't like me? than shut up , leave me alone, my life is perfectly fine without you!
Call me a bitch, a slut, a whore or whatever you want, but at the end you dont know me and you never will. so dont judge my life, judge your own!!!
I really don't care what you think! I'm me.. that's all there is to it! So if you have a problem with me, all I can say is "solve it!" cause IDGAF!!
FINE THEN. see if i care if you scroll casually past my status when you know its about you. YEAH YOU. stupid bitch.
people who judge me need 2 get a life Ur no better than me and if u think u are u need 2 take a good long look in a mirror
say it to my face you two faced fuckers!!
Thinks some people need to get off their high horse, and realize it's not all about them, and that the world DOESN'T revolve around them, and never will!!
Respect is something that you must give to get in return and until you realize that don't bitch when someone treats you the way you treat them. Karma's a bitch
says that stress is the mind's response to the body's overwhelming need to kick the shit out of someone who deeply deserves it
You just don't give a fuck about me do you??, oh well i couldn't give two fucks about you either you misogynistic pig!!!
People need to mind their business not mine, that's why its called MY business
HEY YOU! Noo not you, yeah you the ugly one sitting at your computer, yeah hey I just wanted to let you know that your FACE is F-ing ugly as shit! That is all!
is sick & tired of red haired pussy whipped cock blocking whores who don't know how to keep my name out of their mouth
Your teenage life is almost over, get of your ass and stupid pony-island and go LIVE for once... Your going to regret it later, I'm trying to help you...
Sorry, I'm not a game, I don't get played. ;] Nice try though.
"Piss me off one more time and I will knock you so far into next week you'll need a passport to get back!!"


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