Bitchy Facebook Statuses

Without question, bitchy facebook statuses are a great way of making an impact. In the social networking world, to be saintly is also to be boring. Bitchy facebook statuses might annoy some people but plenty of others find them entertaining, so you will win in the long run. We have a huge number of bitchy facebook statuses to choose from here.

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Bitchy Facebook Statuses
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love it when people think calling me a b#tch will what...make me cry? get a clue! i love that I'm so different it p%#$es you off!
I've got spirit I've got class, mess with me I'll kick your ass!
Can currently be found standing at the corner of WTF and Who Gives A Shit, and waiting for the next bus to Screw This !!
I have pms and gps this means is am a bitch so pass my gun so i can shoot you when i find you..And i will find you.
Whores are paid to go near a guys dick when in reality, if money wasn't involved, they wouldn't touch the damn thing. Thanks for the compliment it was so sweet!
wonders why people bullshit & make excuses when it would be better for everyone involved if they just told the truth!!
Mirror , Mirror On The Wall Who's The Bitchiest Of Them All.? OH YEAH ! that right its you , you mother fucking little BITCH! Love you lots babe ;) xx
has a headache so they's going to do what the Aspirin bottle tells their - take 2 and KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN
*Warning* I am bitchy today so if i offend u I am sorry!!
I am about to start giving people a taste of their own medicine. Major changes in 2011. If you think it's about you then you're probably right
Bitchy Facebook Statuses
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*Warning* The BITCH is back && believe me a few things are going to darling do yourself a massive favor and step back into line.. see you soon
yeah... why dont you drop me off at the corner of Who The Hell Cares & I Dont Give A
y don't u just do the world a favor and pull ur bottom lip over ur big head n swallow. something I'm sure ud win the gold medal in!
good girls are just as bad as bad girls they just don't get caught...
WARNING! The views expressed by this person are NOT the views of others. This person is blunt, to the point and doesn't sugar coat shit for anybody.
I'm a fantastic linguist... I speak English, Bitch, Sarcasm, Random but I still don't understand your Bullshit!!
Sick of hearing people bitch all the us all a favor and shut the fuck up for once!!


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