Bitchy Facebook Statuses

Without question, bitchy facebook statuses are a great way of making an impact. In the social networking world, to be saintly is also to be boring. Bitchy facebook statuses might annoy some people but plenty of others find them entertaining, so you will win in the long run. We have a huge number of bitchy facebook statuses to choose from here.

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Bitchy Facebook Statuses
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my wings r open im gona fly now, watch i dont shit on ur head :)
GIRL:let me tell you a joke GUY; OK GIRL:pussy GUY:i don't get it GIRL: you never will!!! sucker
is currently thinking and just wants to say congrats! You have just won the "pissed off the wrong person" reward. Heres your prize. *smack* oops. :)
I don't have an attitude problem. You have a problem with my attitude. Don't like it? I don't give a flying monkeys left testicle! In other words, SHOVE IT!
had their self a big bowl of Bitch-eeio's this morning!
You keep treating me like a's time to fucking step <3
Yeah, okay, bitch about me in a status. But next time tag me, kay?
wants to let you know that I just don't give a damn today and probably won't give a damn tomorrow.. =/
If someone makes you mad it takes 2 muscles to frown,but it takes 4 muscles to raise your and slap that bitch across the face.
says wen people call me a bitch i turn around + say Bitch is a dog ,dogs bark, bark is a tree,tree is nature ,nature is beautiful, thanks for the compliment !
Bitchy Facebook Statuses
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has just had their BITCH button pushed! Look out!!
If you have a problem with me come to me about it. Don't bitch to my boyfriend about it you fucking dumb ass blond.
when yu finally decide yur going to stop talkin mess and stop the lies to make yur self look better then maybe ill decide not to punch in yur damn face!
You think I'm the Bitch!!! I Think you need to listen to your self!!
sorry i didn't realize that that was your face because all your shit seems to come out of it!
12 years old: drama drama cant you see what these bitches done to me
Yes I am a stay at home mom and my job requires me to be on call 24/7. What's your excuse for being tired and bitchy?
If you've got something to say, don't hide behind your Facebook status honey- come to me & we can figure it out real fast... Were adults- try acting like it!


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