Bedtime Facebook Statuses

When you wind up your social networking for the night, why not post bedtime facebook statuses? You can round off the day with something meaningful or funny. Bedtime facebook statuses will work while you sleep, so that when you log on again first thing in the morning, there should be plenty of new activity. We have heaps of great bedtime facebook statuses here for you to choose from.

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Bedtime Facebook Statuses
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Bedtime for this puppy.
my pillow came out of bed and gave me that look you know that look, the look that tells you its bedtime!
I'm off to snuggle with 2 loves of my life - pillow and blanket. They love me unconditionally even though I only use them for my sleeping habit.
Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. But seriously, if you have bed bugs, you might want to consider getting a new mattress. Just saying.
gnmfiotb..(good night mother fuckers im off to bed)!!
will soon be watching the back of their eyelids and is hoping tonight's showing will be very entertaining.
Looks like the bed and I are going to have a serious affair. It's been calling me and giving me "that look"..I can't resist any longer I've gotta be with it!
Hoping for some sweet dreams tonight just in case tomorrow is a nightmare.
now calling all passengers for the last plane to never never land. Please have your pillow and blankets ready.
headed to
Bedtime Facebook Statuses
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So, when your walking to your bed after turning out the light,think about the monster underneath waiting to grab your ankles, OMG i get freaked out every night!
Why is it when you want your kids to sleep they don't, but when you want them to stay awake they seem to fall right over?
is going to meet two old friends, Pillow and Blanket. They know me well and can ALWAYS make me feel better. GOOD NIGHT
Goodnight..I mean...good morning...I mean goodnight...Oh heck, I am going to bed.
... Facebook... bed... Facebook... bed... flip a coin... BED!! night night
is wondering if it's 2 early 4 bedtime cuz I hear my bed calling, oh no my mistake, its just the sex slave chained to my bed, Gotta Go!! See Ya, When I See
my man is waiting for me in bed... gonna go cuddle up with the only male that makes me happy, makes me smile, is always there, & always listens.. my puppy <3


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