Bedtime Facebook Statuses

When you wind up your social networking for the night, why not post bedtime facebook statuses? You can round off the day with something meaningful or funny. Bedtime facebook statuses will work while you sleep, so that when you log on again first thing in the morning, there should be plenty of new activity. We have heaps of great bedtime facebook statuses here for you to choose from.

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Bedtime Facebook Statuses
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My sheep are no longer jumping the fence. They're stumbling into it. I'm going to fix that now. Good night all.
Is going to sleep now.. Love you all.. goodnight! x
As I lay my head down to sleep God I place all my fears,things I am unsure of.and everything AM worrying about I hand to you.Please help me to overcome.
Laying in bed with you, arms wrapped around me, feeling so safe and loved, is the only place I wanna be right now!
In the quiet arms of prayer.
I've started a new exercise regime.
Is off to the world of dreams, where i could kick your ass any day for i am a ninja in my dreams... yeah that's right am a ninja and your not >P
shh... listen... do u hear that? It's my bed calling my name. It says its getting lonely so I'm gonna go keep it company. 'night! xx
Good Night! Jesus sleep on my friends pillow! Angels cover and protect them! Sweet dreams to all! oh yea, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!
Holy hell! It's after midnight! Why didn't someone tell me! Grrrr, I must go give my bed some attention! Damn you, FACEBOOK!
Bedtime Facebook Statuses
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I hear something calling my name shh wait listen...It's my bed, ill be joined tonight by Tom(Pillow) Dick(Blanket) and Harry(Sheet) oh and also a headache! :(
is logging onto goingtobed.cause/
and I'm off~ to the land where money grows on trees, men and kids obey, and i rule the world GOOD NIGHT ;)
I have the best life, rich husband, fine car, and perfect children, oh wait that was my dream last night I'm gonna see if it comes back!
This person is now going to bed but you may leave a message after the beep.
Going to crash early tonight...Sigh..I'm getting old!
has an appointment with Dr. Mattress, assisted by Nurses Pillow and Blanket, haha GOODNIGHT FACEBOOKERS! :D
bedtime is my favorite time of the day because i get to go in a sleep with peaceful dreams and look its bedtime right now night everyone


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