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Facebook Statuses With Attitude
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That sticks out like a dick on a fish.
My Rules : 1- I'm always RIGHT 2- In case it appears that I'm NOT, Just Refer To Rule # 1
Remember when we use to talk and hangout then you started hanging out with a bitch so then you became one so that's why i don't talk and care about you anymore!
This is and A B C conversation so shut up before D jumps over E and F's u up!
A person's OWN HAPPINESS is not derived from the SITUATION THEY'RE IN; but from the ATTITUDE THEY HAVE!
has a really big wrench to tighten you up with or a blow torch to light a fire under your ass... choose one.
Here's to the MEN that WANT ME .. the LOSER that LOST ME... & the next LUCKY BASTARD that gets the honour to KEEP ME!!!
is going to start living by the NMFP policy - 'not my fucking problem'
Yeah i know I'm all that =).
Says while you're talking of my attitude, be careful cause it just might be a reflection of the one you've been giving me.
Facebook Statuses With Attitude
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They say hi to me so i say bye, they say Wat you up to so i say NM, they say Wat ya doing this weekend so i say STOP FUCKING TALKING TO ME!
Was asked, "Can you change your attitude"? My reply, "Sure, if you give me the money to buy those kinds of medications."
It's going to be one of "those" days my give a damn is busted, over-dosed on my Fukitol but on the good side my I don't give a shit is working great
i did it because i can i can because i want to i want to because u told me i couldn't
doesn't have a foul mouth, they just likes to say FUCK a lot!
When Men get grey hair, wrinkles & aggressive it's called Distinguished, Character & Assertive. When Women get these things they're Old, Shriveled, Nags. WTF!
Forewarning: Even Little-Miss-Nice-Girls have their breaking points. Just make sure you're not on the receiving end when they snap...
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