Posting wishy-washy, cuddly things on Facebook doesn’t necessarily cut it. If you want to get attention from your friends and contacts, you must post facebook statuses with attitude. Of course, not everyone will agree with or appreciate facebook statuses with an attitude, but they will surely start up a few conversations! Check on this site daily for new facebook statuses with attitude.

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Facebook Statuses With Attitude
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*** I don't have a problem with those who don't like me. I have a slight problem with those that pretend they don't ! *** ~ Don't Bully®
is going to check their "gives a shit" meter... nup, still empty!
Don't let somebody be a priority in your life when your still an option in their life
i am what i am.. i will never try to be some one else.
My attitude is based on how u treat me.
Some people will show attitude to u for no reason but u give them a reason to show ur attitude .. !
P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude), I'm positive, I'm mental and I know I have attitude!
Doesn't have an attitude...they was just born with a lot of character!!!
Oops... My bad... I forgot to tell you... I'm allergic to BULLSHIT!!!
is a limited edition
Facebook Statuses With Attitude
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i don't have an attitude problem. You have a problem with my attitude : ) Don't like it get over it Lol
I don't care what people think or say about me, i was not born on this earth to please anyone...
Some say they don't like my attitude! Well my response to them is to quit pissing me off!! If only common sense were contagious instead of stupidity.
F A C E B O O K ... "The Place Where Relationships Are PERFECT.! LIARS Believe Their Own BULLSHIT And The World SHOWS OFF They Are LIVING a GREAT LIFE.! Where The ENEMIES Are The Ones That VISIT Your Profile The MOST.! Your Friends And Family BLOCK YOU.! And Even Though You WRITE What You Are REALLY Thinking, There Is Always Someone That Takes It The WRONG WAY.!"
Tomorrow is my exam but I dont care Because a single sheet of paper cannot decide my future...
would like the attitude adjustment combo, with a side of patience, and a cup of understanding with light ice.. Super sized please.. To Go
what pisses you off more? Me being better than you or you knowing it?
Today's attitude forecast..Partly crabby with a 75% chance of mood swings..

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