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Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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Why have enemies when you can have friends who will just as easily stab you in the back and lie to your face !!!
is off to play T-ball, your body is the T your head is the ball.. I will be scoring some home runs today!!!
when you piss me off and I stop talking its not coz you upset me, its coz you REALLY dont want to know what the fuck I have to say!
My personal life is none of your business...and YOURS is of no interest to me!!
well, aren't you ALL kinds of special...
I am a GROWN WOMEN! I can make my own decisions and my own choices. Don't criticize me because I don't do what YOU want me to do. I am ME, That's all I can be!
I used to care what you thought of me, then I remembered what I thought of you
Sometimes you just don't give a fuck about people's feeling or what they think, and sometimes it's just better that way!!
is sick of all the lies :(
Age does not define you as an adult taking responsibility,making right decisions,and your actions in different situations is what defines you as an adult!!
Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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is entertained by the fact that there are separate rules for different people; it all depends on who you know. What you know means nothing.
I don't need no friend all up in my business, jacking on shit bout 'em knowing what I going through.
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and may your arms be too short to scratch. Thank you and have a nice day.
thinks that some certain people who piss their off should go cry themself a river, build a bridge, then throw themself off it >:(
the fuse is short... if you light it you better run and I mean fast
I wouldn't even fart in your mouth if you needed oxygen to stay alive.
Who does depression hurt? Everyone who gets in my depressed ass way. Where does depression hurt? Ask the last B#@ch who got in my way where here face hurts

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