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When you are annoyed, frustration soon builds up, but did you know that you can get people’s attention on Facebook by posting annoyed facebook statuses? When you post annoyed facebook statuses on your timeline, you are sure to get feedback, even if it’s people arguing with you! We are proud to offer a wide variety of annoyed facebook statuses to suit every need.

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Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at some peoples immaturity, it just makes you realise how much growing up they still have to do
...hates that not-so-random gay BI**H who does absolutely NOTHING besides stare u down and try to get waaay 2 close 2 u and ALWAYS sez gay things
There are days when you just want to tell certain people to pour themselves a nice tall glass of STFU!
I have been wanting to go to sleep all day and now that I have the chance to, of course I am wide awake!!
Some people in life are anchors. They try to pull you down with them. It can be hard, but sometimes it's best to cut the rope & let them sink themselves.
Maybe you should leave and find your own solar system because here on Earth the world doesn't revolve around YOU!
*~* Really wishes people would just blow up, yes I said blow up not grow up, cause ur & immature dick so blow up it takes to long for u to learn to grow up!*~*
the way some guys treat their girlfriends, I'd love to see them being drop kicked by an elephant wearing shoes made of horse sh*t
Ummm has anyone seen my last nerve? Oh wait you are stepping on it!
The biggest problem with narcissists is that they can never see fault in themselves, yet find it overwhelmingly easy to find it in others.
Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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some people should be dipped in vagisil then they wouldn't be such irritating cunts !
Welcome to the day of "I want to punch someone in their face" Please for the sake of your health I hope you don't find your self on the receiving end of my fist
God grant me the serenity to.. oh screw it, can i just have a gun in working order and the correct ammunition.
Tired of being at the bottom of your priority list. If I'm not around when you finally find time for me, ask yourself how the bottom of MY list feels.
why yes i do randomly want to punch people in the face; is that considered angry issues?
WARNING: Bitch Switch has been activated... please step away from my perimeter...
i am so freaking sick and tired of the same crap over and over again!!


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