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When you are annoyed, frustration soon builds up, but did you know that you can get people’s attention on Facebook by posting annoyed facebook statuses? When you post annoyed facebook statuses on your timeline, you are sure to get feedback, even if it’s people arguing with you! We are proud to offer a wide variety of annoyed facebook statuses to suit every need.

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Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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's blood is simmering right now. Anyone want to add a little more heat and see what happens when the boiling point is reached??
If I'm not nice to you, I don't like you. That may make me a bitch, but at least I'm not a FAKE bitch.
there's just something about your face...every time i see it, i want to punch it
Getting sick about hearing about "jersey shore" it's so stupid. Creator should be shot for thinking of a lame ass show.
Isn't it funny how people say they're tired of the drama & stress from people, but yet they are the ones who are creating it.
there's a few people that I wouldn't mind having installed on my driveway as speed bumps
loves it when people tell you one thing, do another, lie to you about something, and then lie about the lie they told you! I know more than you think!!!
is sick of people. So give me a reason to plan your death! :/
is getting tired of the constant bullshit at school... seriously if your going to talk about me and lie about me so much, u need to get your own life!!!
You know your having a really bad day when you can't even stand yourself.
Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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fuck the haters there just jealous cos they wish they were in my shoes
i do not have the time to fight with you and a punch finishes it.
At what point do people grow up, stop whining and realize they are capable of doing things without always having someone hold their hand?
says: someday karma will bite you on the ass... I just hope I'm there to see it!
A strong and secure woman views a man as a "BONUS" not a "NECESSITY"
People who start rumors have issues, and so do people who believe them. So just ignore those people, and let them be off in their own little mental world.
I don't like judgemental people. Is your life REALLY that perfect? You have NO idea what people are going through in their lives, so think before you speak.
At what point is enough, enough?


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