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Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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They say things will be better tomorrow! Well, I have checked the calendar 3 flipping times and have yet to find a day marked Tomorrow!
If you want to push me go ahead. Just remember i push harder!
is annoyed, is anybody else annoyed? cause I'm annoyed
It amuses me how some people are always ready to comment on other people's life when they have more problems. Style up. Clean your mess first.
Wanted: Some dumb bitch to punch..
some people know everything.. about nothing
Acting all innocent doesn't make you an angel. Other people might be deceived but don't try that fucking face with me.
This is my day off so please if you have some problems you need solved, contact the police, priest or someone who gives a damn. thank you.
some people say I have a short fuse. No, I call it a limited bullshit tolerance. I can only put up with so much dumb shit in one day
wonders why people talk to you until they get what they want and then they stop talking to you
Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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I HONESTLY don't give a fuck! If i had a pocket full of Fucks, i STILL wouldn't give a FUCK
Facebook...where people can pretend to be everything they really are not..to the friends they really don't have!
People bug me sometimes! But I still love them even though I want to put a squirt gun to their head push the trigger and stick them out side to freeze.
Wonders why they lets themself get treated like a piece of shit sometimes :|
Is annoyed when you wake up in a great mood, then someone comes along and ruins it.
..I have a shovel, rope, duct tape and a map of the dessert...so..who wants to piss me off today?
's tact, diplomacy and caring nature have taken a leave of absence..replacing them today is ..Yeah ..Wot Ever !!
... tick... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... my inner time bomb ... tick ... tick ...

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