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Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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It amuses me how some people are always ready to comment on other people's life when they have more problems. Style up. Clean your mess first.
ugh, why can't life be as simple as Facebook? someone is annoying you, HIDE. They keep bothering, DELETE. They won't stop, BLOCK!! If only...
some people say I have a short fuse. No, I call it a limited bullshit tolerance. I can only put up with so much dumb shit in one day
Silence is golden, especially if you know it's pissing the other person off!
I'm sorry for telling them that you're stupid. I didn't know it was a secret.
"My business isn't your business. So unless you're my thong, don't be up my ass."
You brought this on yourself when you messed with my family. Ain't karma a bitch?
Did everyone get up this morning and eat Stupid O's and Dummypuffs for breakfast? Apparently, I missed the memo..
Knows what they wants, has no clue how to get it and has just given up on trying!
Trust me you have not even met my Bitchy side yet!! But keep going, you'll get there!!
Annoyed Facebook Statuses
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I Don't have any problem with those who don't like me. I have the problem with hose who Pretend they do!!
Aww that's so cute your acting like i'm caring
Expect little, Your less likely to be disappointed
says why cant people make it 100% clear on were you stand instead of messing with your head
is through playing the rules of someone else's game. Where can I get a voodoo doll?
says I would pray for strength but I would probably end up using it to beat someone to death!
that was your last time lying to me, never should have believed you don't waste my time no more
is tired, really stressed out, and about to seriously fuckin snap

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