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When all else fails, turn to your horse!
6-8 million cats and dogs enter shelters but only 3-4 million of them get adopted! ADOPT ANIMALS FROM SHELTERS!
Pit-Bulls are mean because RETARDS make them mean.When they can be the biggest snuggle bears that wont hurt a fly:)
Humans will never be truly civilized until cruelty to animals is eliminated.
This is my cat and dogs house. I'm allowed to live here as long as I provide the food and water.
Pets, unlike most humans, NEVER let you down or disappoints you. Have you hugged your pet today?
Do you ever wonder if a camel looks at its toe and thinks "Damn! I have vagina foot!"
What is love? Love is when you're watching a sad movie and your dog sees you crying and comes over to comfort you.That is love
An animal never acts out of cruelty, a self-serving agenda or hatred. That's the essential difference between human and animal...
My home wouldn't feel like home without fur, and paw prints!
Pick me, pick me, they silently pray. Don't turn away, PLEASE save a stray!
Pets make the best companions.They never argue or complain.No matter what you have to say, they keep listening.No matter what you do, they pass no judgments.
Thinks that I will live out my days as if I were a dog. If I can't eat it or hump it, I'm going to piss on it and walk away.
The wolf is the most wonderful animal in existence. it is graceful, it is cunning, it is strong, and it is beautiful. it is made perfectly in every way!
Animals are the embodiment of perfect love, understanding, trust, empathy and joy. Humans are, however, capable of destroying that for them.
Pets fill the hole in our hearts we never even knew existed. We only know it's there when we don't have our pets.
It's not when "wild animal's attack" it's more like when "stupid people get bitten"


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