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Facebook Statuses About Animals
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happiness is always knowing your dog is there for you
I'm heading to the fairy meadows where the unicorns play, and eat Twinkies all day
When it comes to pit bulls, the beast is often the two legged animal on the other end of the leash.
My dog stays up with me when I can sleep . Stays by my side when I'm sick . they is a better friend then most people and for that I love their . they is my baby !!
If history repeats itself,I'm totally buying a dinosaur! :-]
3 Monkeys escape from a zoo. The first was seen eating a burger. The second was seen drinking Pepsi. & the third was seen reading this MESSAGE.
Dogs think they're human. Cats think they're God.
I'm thinking about changing my dogs name to HELP...Then stand on the porch calling their name as loud as I possibly can...This could get interesting :)
a baby snake goes to its dad and asks, 'am I poisonous?' the dad asks 'why do u ask?' baby snake says 'I just bit my tongue.'
A cat can purr its way out of anything
Facebook Statuses About Animals
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No home is complete without the pitter patter of doggie feet!
Amazing how just when you think you're all alone, & feeling sad & lonely, kitty comes up & rubs against your arm & gives kitty kisses, & lays down in your lap.
When all else fails, turn to your horse!
6-8 million cats and dogs enter shelters but only 3-4 million of them get adopted! ADOPT ANIMALS FROM SHELTERS!
Pit-Bulls are mean because RETARDS make them mean.When they can be the biggest snuggle bears that wont hurt a fly:)
Humans will never be truly civilized until cruelty to animals is eliminated.
This is my cat and dogs house. I'm allowed to live here as long as I provide the food and water.
Pets, unlike most humans, NEVER let you down or disappoints you. Have you hugged your pet today?

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