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I was on my dragon and suddenly, we were attacked by ninja penguins, wearing "I Love Barney" T-shirts!
My dog lays on the couch with me when I can't sleep, checks on me in the shower, and follows me around the house. I love them more than anything in this world!!!
is wondering why dog hairs always stick to everything in the house floors, couch, carpets, and even your curtains and yet never stay on the dog
Don't breed more animals when there are already so many that want to LIVE and be loved.
and poop rainbows as they talk to the gnomes about the purple elephants
hates all animal abusers...damn bastards should be beaten and jailed for life! or even better they should be shot!!!
"Dogs are cheaper than therapists"
knows I love my animals when I hear snoring away on my bed and I nudge my dog and say stop snoring! Lol, ha gotta love your animals ! Mine talks to me lol
You know you are loved when you get woken up by a wet slobbery tongue. I love my dog!
...my cats motto " No matter what you've done wrong..always try to make it look as if the dog did it"
Please help control the Human population: spay or neuter your humans.
says "I'm the kind of person who favors animals over people" is that a bad thing?
I wish that, for just one day, I could live the life of a lazy, pampered house cat. Eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep, poop, sleep, and eat some more!
Why is it the pets get to stay home and do nothing all day...they could at least clean the house while I'm away!
I'm the type of person who says "Bless you" when the pet sneezes.
is devastated that my imaginary giraffe has been taken hostage!


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