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hates all animal abusers...damn bastards should be beaten and jailed for life!
Cats aren't pets...they're the rulers of the roost who just tolerate us as roommates !
Anyone who thinks awww it is only a dog,,,has not been blessed with the amazing love of a family member a best friend and a truly amazing bond.
People talk back & don't let you finish a line, Horses will let you cry into their neck, stand there for you to lean on and show you the true meaning of love <3
remember the pet hair on your clothes are a reminder of who's waiting to greet you when you get home!
Fur coated vibrating heating pad that never has to be plugged in = my cat.
_______o/__________/________ SharkAttack!!!
I don't mind dust bunnies anymore, I've named them all and they are great listeners!
why do dogs always act so surprised when they fart
No! I'm shearing cows, and milking sheep.. Jeez what the hell do you think I'm doing.. Der!
ever play that game wild ones i hate it i mean animal abuse. For real I'm going to go nuke a fuckin bunny isn't that perfect and then they turns into dust. scary
if dinosaurs come back I'm so getting me one
Love is when you get home from a hard day at work and your dog brings you it's favorite toy , that is love,nice feeling isn't it.~BR
Some of the very best friends I've ever had have 4 paws!
needs help fast before the angry kangaroo pelts me with peanut butter cookies!
Dogs leave paw prints on your heart, but they like to leave muddy ones on the floor, bed and over you. It's worth it.
Is sure they saw you today. Same hair, same eyes, same great smile but when they called your name, it just scratched it's ass & kept eating it's banana!
I can tell my horse anything, even my deepest secrets and know that they won't repeat them.


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