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When i go to a zoo i always wanna scream "tiger on the loose!" just to see what happens :D
It's important to have a job that makes a difference. That's why I manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination
James Bond and a chicken meet, the chicken asks: "Whats your name?" Bond reply's "Bond, James Bond" bond asks the chicken the same, they reply's, "Ken, Chick Ken"
all my very best friends have wet noses, and walk on all fours.
Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened
If you were mute would it still hurt if I kicked you. Then why do you think it doesn't hurt animals to be abused just because they can't say ouch!
What's the difference between animals and people? The difference is that animals don't abuse people.
Some people shouldn't be allowed animals, Miss Marriott abuses animals, dumps them on their friends they wants caging the bitch
sheep bed-down close together at night, horses sleep standing up close together. But the one thing I love about night is that little puppy sleeping by my side.
"People who don't love dogs can't be trusted"
I love talking to my dogs. They enjoy everything I have to say! : )
Put your favorite animal as your profile picture until December 17th to help stop animal abuse. Do it & invite your friends to do the same!
Is it wrong that I care more about what happens to animals than what happens to people?
wonders just what the hell the person who figured out that cows make milk and it tastes good was doing?
It's funny how you can rip the covers away from your spouse in the middle of the night with no regret, but feel bad if you wake the dog when you roll over!
Use this status if you believe in adoption~BR
Good horses leave impressions, but great horses leave hoof prints.
My pets are family it doesn't matter if they walk on all fours or not...They're there and love you no matter what just like family! <3


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